The ditch is not the skatepark

If you approach (or leave) Daubenspeck Skatepark in Bingen, WA. from the right direction you’ll pass up this lovely ditch. This (Grindline) park is a good one in case you’re wondering, but you’ll get no pictures from me for now. Just one shot of the nearby ditch. I didn’t even see it until we were leaving. Unfortunately, we had an injured party so I didn’t stop to session. Looks steep and rough, but potentially lots of fun, right?


Street Dome WTF??? (!!!)

Space Mountain? A dream? No, it’s real. (Pinch me.) This fantastic project is underway right now in Haderslev, Denmark. At first I thought it was just an outdoor skatepark tacked on to some sort of museum, but the dome will house more skateable terrain, ironically bowls, while the actual “street” sections are all outdoors. There appears to be some sort of performance space indoors, and oddly enough, half a basketball court in the middle of it all. That’s not even a first for the the team of Glifberg/lykke. Check out the Lemvig, Denmark skatepark, (the best pictures are actually on the news section of their site, but there’s no direct link, so scroll down.) And yes, it is Rune Glifberg on the design team. The Streetdome project has it’s own web site, but it’s all in Danish so I don’t know how this project came to be, although I thought I caught a whiff of a grant of some sort. What’s the purpose? I mean, besides skateboarding, of course, but who paid for this, and boy, we could sure use an giant indoor/outdoor space like this in our neck of the woods. Grindline is on the scene pouring the concrete, but that hardly takes the sting away. What an amazing facility. Congratualtions to everyone involved. Visit any of the links in this post to see more, and do some exploring because it’s spread all over. 3D fly through after the jump.

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Grindline in Laconner, Washington

This is a Grindline park in Laconner, Washington which is about a half an hour south of Bellingham. That’s Ted or possibly Fred on the backside boneless which was in fact a make, according to regular contributor John Aguilar. -Thanks! I saw pictures of a new Grindline park in Atlanta, GA (mainly in the street sections) that looked like it had some elements of a new direction for Grindline. Hard to tell from the tiny pictures though. Any of our Hotlanta readers want to scout it out?

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Bingen Washington plans

From the City Administrator:

Grindline Skateparks designed and is constructing the park. We are currently doing Phase 1 and will hopefully complete Phase 2 next summer. We are in the process of fundraising for the second phase. This park was designed by our local kids working with Micah Shapiro of Grindline. We are very excited and can’t wait to see Phase 1 completed in approximately 60 days.

Phase one is the street terrain, Phase two is the snake run-ish bowl. All in all a small but useful facility that is sure to be enjoyed by the community as well as a host of drive-through visitors.

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Grindline breaks ground in Bingen Washington

Bingen, Washington is a sleepy little town of 672 people (back in 2000) across the river from Hood River, Oregon. Carl Warren reported that Grindline broke ground on a skatepark there. I can’t find any design drawings for it anywhere. Maybe if you squint real hard you can see it in their hands.

There’s a new skatepark, skatepark, skatepark…

…in Echo, Oregon. Thanks to Sam from Skate Oregon for this report:

Eastern Oregon continues blowing up with the little town of Echo (population 700) opening a nice little “Community Skatepark” this afternoon. Grindline made them a great 4000 square foot (?) concrete shape not dissimilar to Portland’s Gabriel Park: shallow top to hip hip deeper bowl. It is open to skateboards, inline skates, and bikes.

While not yet on the official city web page, they do have a Facebook page for the skatepark. And of course, Sam has some shots up at the granddaddy skatepark sites, SkateOregon. Now I have to go look up Echo, Oregon on Google Maps.

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