Yet another student design project turned into a Kickstarter. Bjorn van den Hout’s Chargeboard uses two dynamos in the rear axle to generate electricity and store it in the battery box attached to the bottom of the board. The battery box doubles as an iPhone dock with speakers, while the usb port can be used to charge a phone or other device. Goofy lifestyle shots aside, I actually think this is a good idea for those who use their skateboards primarily for transportation, campus cruisers, even campers and the like. However, there are two glaring problems with this. Chargeboard could use removable covers for the speakers, or the first pebble that kicks up or pudddle you run through is going to wreak havoc. Also, How to account for different size phones without a janky adapter that would be prone to rattling loose? I’d really like to see this concept adapted to a bike, although I’m sure it has been already.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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Skateboards from recycled paper

Version 2 Lab doens’t have much of a web site, but they have put images and videos on Facebook. Of course, there’s a kickstarter in the works too, but it’s not live yet. They sure are shiny. 5 lbs of lacquer may offset the carbon footprint benefits of recycled paper. Check out their “Maco” board (after the jump or on Facebook) which is actually kind of cool, except shouldn’t it be called “Mako?” It’s odd actually, the only picture on the web site make them look crappy arts & crafts projects, while the extra photos on Facebook make them look like polished products.

– Thanks to Jeff Barrett for the tip.

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At long last

Skateboards made from laminated, recycled skateboards. They probably aren’t going to win any “pop” contests, but how can you argue against this one? It’s faultless. Iris Skateboards are made by George Rocha, who among other things worked on the Dreamland crew for a while.

[Source: ESPN] – Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.

Grow Anthology looks good on paper

So essentially these boards are made out of plastic resin and paper composite, some of it post-consumer waste. Each board sold means a tree planted, so sustainability is important to Grow Anthology. Oddly enough, they aren’t blabbing about it all one the web site. You actually have to look around for it. More than likely, this composite material isn’t viable for your average ledge, stair or rail skater, but for campus cruisers and transportation… Sure, why not. Now your coffee and your skateboard can be Rainforest Alliance certified. Made in USA to boot.

Source: Plastolux – Thanks to Va for the tip.

Real Renewals

Skateboards made from recycled wood? Cheaper but still guaranteed? Yes. Shop logos and donations to DIY spots? Yes. Sound to good to be true? How is the recycled wood used, and how much of the board is recycled? No details whatsoever, so it’s hard to evaluate. However, the lack of information is usually telling. If it actually works, I’m for it. Has anyone out there rode one of these Real Renewal boards?

Electric skateboard technology marches on…

But does anyone care? Looks like they are getting more powerful though. This one from E-Glide is supposed to be all terrain. They even make one with an aluminum deck. I don’t think this really qualifies as earth-friendly green technology since you could just push with your feet for zero emissions, depending on what you’ve eaten earlier in the day. Video after the jump.

– Thanks to Ben Reese for the tip. [Source: EarthTechling]

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Cornboards from the University of Illinois

So far my alma mater is famous for two things, the birthplace of the fictional self-aware computer Hal 9000, and the place where internet browsers were invented. And now the University of Illinois is pushing the Corn board, a composite material made from the husks and stalks of corn plants. Think of it as a replacement for particle board. Something you could build houses and miniramps out of, and well, skateboards. Technically, longboards, and just the core. It seems like you could stuff just about anything in the core of longboards, even Bonite! I’ll be impressed when they can make a shortboard out of that stands up to Canadian Maple. Actually, I’m impressed by the recycling bit. It would be great to cut down on wood consumption, although I thought particle board was already made from discarded bits of wood used to make other things. Unless anyone is specifically cutting down trees to make particle board, it’s not really going to save anything. Is it really “green” to take something that would otherwise decompose and turn it into something that won’t? The Daily Illini (The “student” newspaper run by a privately owned media company) has an article with some of the development story and an excellent misrepresentation of Christian Hosoi as a “professional longboarder.” Hosoi has signed on to the company for a forthcoming signature model. I think I would have pooped in my Life’s a Beach Elroy Jetson shorts had Christian Hosoi signed to a skateboard company from the same town as the school I was failing because I was skateboarding too much.

– Thanks to OCD Kyle for the tip.

Art of Board

Used skateboards are getting to be quite a commodity. It used to be you were a poser if you just carried your skateboard instead of riding it. Now I feel like poser because I’m not making stuff out of old skateboards. Art of Board recycles skateboards for furniture and a bunch of other vague things that they don’t really explain, other than to say that they provide commercial/residential interiors, retail environments, display and design, furniture and artwork. They are launching a program called I Ride. I Recycle. to collect boards for recycling at skateshops across the country. UPDATE: Art of Board answers some of your questions:

– Thanks to Rick MacDonald for the tip.

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DIY bushings for winos

Me, I swear by my Bones Bushings, but if I ever find myself in pinch, I could follow the advice over at Sa Ka Roulé and repurpose some of those newfangled plastic corks and make some bushings. In fact, maybe I’ll start building up a reserve of them tonight. I was saving these things for a while, I thought there must be something I could do with them, but this idea never crossed my mind.

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