Atlanta Spot Check

I was in Atlanta for about 30 hours to watch the MLS Cup. The Timbers lost, which was a bummer. My experience was essentially Airport to Marta to Hotel to Stadium to AirbnB to Airport. I didn’t get to see a lot, but I did catch some nice looking, but mostly wet terrain.

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Gone Fishin’

I don’t know what’s been like in your neck of the woods, but it’s been an unseasonably hot summer here in Portland. Time to cool off. Check out these fishing lures made out of recycled skateboards from Maxximus Skateboards. Their main product is actually skateboards, pressed and hand screened (as they should be…) in Savannah, Georgia. I found out about them through an article on independent board manufacturers on the Ride Channel.

Update: Seeing all the Confederate battle flag bullshit on that Facebook page makes me want to pull this post. I spent half my childhood life, and indeed my earliest memories are of living in Georgia. I will always have fond memories and a special place in my heart for Georgia and the south. But there’s no excuse for pride in a racist heritage or ignorance of the true meaning of the Confederate Battle flag. I guess you can be enlightened on some fronts and still be backwards and ignorant in others. And for the record, I think the General Lee car from the Dukes of Hazard should be left intact.


Here’s a video from a shop in Atlanta called Stratosphere. These guys went on on a road trip to a land of magical concrete that looks amazing, I wish I knew where all these parks were…. Oh yeah. Dang that Lincoln City looks fun. Check out the vid after the jump.

– Thanks to Eric Fleming for the tip.

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SOTW 4-20-09: Andy Goncher in Atlanta GA

This week’s Shot of the Week is a Jeffery Beard shot of Andy Goncher taken in Atlanta, Georgia in March of this year. That’s right, streetskating you mofos! Fakie to kickflip. Kickflip to fakie. Check out the Shot of the Week.

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