Nothing is better than Landlubber clothes

A poster for Landlubber clothes dating back to 1978. Naked with a backpack, skateboard and a notebook, huh? Nothing is better than landlubber clothes? Oh… if you don’t have Landlubber, you might as well wear nothing. The seller needs some help with photography skills. This is one of the most haphazard auction shots I’ve ever seen. There isn’t a decent shot that shows the whole thing in a straight forward view.

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Boom Art and Alain Aslan pinups

Alain Aslan was a pinup artist most famous for his work in Lui magazine. He passed away earlier this month, so it’s kind of unclear how long this limited edition skateboard set from Boom-Art has been in the works, and whether or not it’s authorized. They sent me a press release earlier this week but I accidentally deleted it, and there’s still no mention on their blog. They’ve got a high percentage of women in various states of undress on their boards. Although the do claim to have the first European female pro model. Who knows if it was a response to criticism or not, but Chloé Bernard is happy. The Nash pasties here were probably unnecessary, but to be honest, they amuse me and I enjoy placing them over naughty bits. Free love version after the jump. If you want to see bigger version of the two Lui covers in the background, you must travel back to 2007 in order to travel back to 1977.

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Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk and Adam Senn cavort with skateboards

Ah.. so that’s what cavorting means. You’ll know too if you watch this old (2012) promo video for Suiteblanco with Irina Shayk and Adam Senn. Those guys are models, don’tcha know? Yes, it’s Friday T&A with a little beefcake too. Photos mostly from Fashion Rogue, but they were originally on I think they changed their mind and decided that these weren’t the sort of photos that promoted women in action sports after all.

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Spanish Bombshells

Skater Girls photographed by Claire Garcia Rosso, whose web site appears to be down, but her Deviant Art profile isn’t. She’s from Zaragoz, Spain, so any chance to sneak in a Clash reference, I’m going to take it. These photos date back to February of 2012, and it’s unclear if they have been published in print or not. Check out the highly functional skate footwear. Must be from the line of new high heels by DC Shoes.

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Sweet Cheeks

Bali Batik Boyshort from Sweet Cheeks, a company that isn’t designed to give dudes a reason to photograph girls in their underwear, it’s run by two time Olympic medalist snowboarder Hannah Teter. Sure, you may have seen her in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, but she’s also a social activist. At least 40% of each panty sold by Sweet Cheeks is given to charity. Above, that’s Burton team rider Gabi Viteri. Sweet Cheeks is based in Portland BTW.

– Thanks to Joey for the tip.

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A sound business model

Bling and babes on Beverly Skates boards.

Located in Beverly Hills California our small skateboard company strives for perfection. We try to uphold the high standards of our community, at the same time leave an open invitation for you to be a part of it. Beverly Skates was founded upon principals that put our heart and soul into our product as much as you the skater have chosen to put your heart and soul into skateboarding. Originally established in 1983, the owner Brian sidelined the company after a few years to persue a career in aviation. His younger brother Sean decided to bring back the company more than twenty years later. Both brothers still communicate freely on company concepts. We try to add a fresh approach to the company while at the same time never forgetting its original rawness.

So…. yeah. Friday you know what.

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Red Dragon Retread

Friday T&A from Red Dragon Apparel via Instagram. You remember those guys, right? I think they remember Globe.


Friday you know what

As seen on FFFFound, reposted from Cool Shit’s Bullshit, and of course, credited by nobody, anywhere, beccause Tumblr is for lazy people who don’t care about credit where credit is due. If you know the original source of this, please let me know.* (And, sorry Betsy… I feel like I’m letting you down with this one.)

UPDATE: Thanks to a reader, we have the source. Photographer Pedro Duarte Jorge.

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Sexy Jump Rope Workout to Lose weight

That’s the title of the video folks. Don’t be a jerk in the comments, Jocelyn has been known to lurk on S&A, and that concrete mini ramp setup in the background is actually hers.

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