Who the Heck is Per Holknekt?

I was scanning a Transworld subscription ad from 1983 with a guy who looked like Anthony Micheal Hall, but turned out to be Per Holknekt. I had absolutely no recollection of him so I did quick Google search. The first images that came up said something about him being a fashion designer, so I assumed it was another Per Holknekt. I mean, how many Per’s were there in the freestyle world? Well, it turns out Per Holknekt the fashion designer and Per Holknekt the Tracker freestyle skater are one in the same. The photo above (left) comes from an April 5th, 2016 interview on with Per, where he talks about fashion and his skateboard career. At least that’s what I think he talks about, because it’s written the language of fashion or something else I can’t decipher. The web site for his company Odd Molly features the occasional, 100% gratuitous skateboard in product photos.

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Rodney Mullen from Sebring Revolution

There’s a giant cloud of pompousness eminating from Sebring Revolution, starting with the name of a company whose mission is to “revolutionize the way consumers see, study, purchase, and interact with art, products and media.” Sure… I guess it sounds better than “We make cool stuff.” However, they’ve put together some interesting footage and interactive widgets featuring Rodney Mullen. Be thankful that it looks like NIN video and it didn’t go another route with Dave Grohl and a really earnest interview about how revolutionary Rodney is. Why so bitter, Kilwag, are you jealous of Steven Sebring much? Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach write snarky blogs.

– Via Betsy Binckley Gordon on Facebook, who is probably un-friending me right now.


Freestyle Pizza

We passed Freestyle Pizza near Umatilla, Oregon on our road trip out east. It didn’t occur to us to actually eat there, but we did stop for pictures. We should have checked if they had custom take out boxes. Grover claims he sent me a shot of this last year, but I must have forgotten to post it. You can view larger versions after the jump. Those are some crazy Jetsons-looking trucks.

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Rodney Mullen at the Smithsonian

Rodney Mullen visited the Smithsonian (on invitation) as part of the Lemelson Center’s informal initiative to build relationships with skateboarding’s innovators. Your response may be “What the what?” Or at least, what is the Lemelson Center and why do they care about skateboarding? Technically, it’s the Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, and it was established in 1995 under the larger umbrella of the Smithsonian Institution. But why skateboarding? According to deputy director Jeff Brodie:

Most associate invention and innovation with technology and science, but the Center often explores other unexpected places where invention and innovation flourishes—like skateboarding. This wide exploration is critical to fostering an appreciation for the central role invention and innovation play in the history of the United States. It also makes our work extremely interesting, fun, and exciting as we meet, collaborate, and explore the world of invention and innovation with all types of people.

And it doesn’t end with Rodney Mullen’s interview. They are planning an event to coincide with National Go Skateboarding Day called Innoskate, which will be “a major public festival that will celebrate invention and creativity in skate culture.” Watch Rodney’s interview and read a little bit about what happened behind the scenes thanks to our spy in the Smithsonian Betsy Gordon. (Thanks Betsy!)

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Catalina Classic

I love watching old footage of skateboarding on TV, and it has nothing to do with the abundance of mustaches. This is almost 20 minutes of an ABC broadcast of the Catalina Classic from 1977, uploaded by someone at NHS who has resurrected the Roadrider brand. The cast of characters in these events is no more cartoonish than you’d find at today’s events, but man the 70’s were corny. Downhill, slalom and freestyle are shown, with a bunch of names you’ll recognize if you follow skateboard history, or even had a subscription to Thrasher in the first few years. The slalom guys had it dialed in, but the downhill guys (I’m going to catch flack for this) look like they would get smoked by today’s downhill crew with all the speed wobbles in evidence. Those guys need sails. Check it out after the jump.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip

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PAS skate house

If you’re a regular reader you know we cover skateable architecture here, even when it’s only marginally so. Many skaters have/had the adolescent fantasy of being rich enough to design your own house and make everything skateable, but nobody has really done it. I imagine if you find yourself in a situation where skateboarding is paying for your custom house, you’d probably want a bit of a break from it. Pierre Andre via Etnies funded a small prototype of a a design by architect Gil Le Bon Delapointe (scroll down). It features furniture from the Skate House Study collection. if it gets built it will certainly trump a certain domicile in Athens, Greece. The protoype was part of the Public Domaine show in Paris, France, the same one with the clever video of board graphics. Check out the action video and interview with the architect after the jump.

– Thanks to Marek for the tip.

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The Daffy is dead. Long live the Daffy.

Well some things you don’t think will ever make a comeback, but Kilian Martin is at it again in another video from Bret Novak, who’s accepting donations to put towards the series. There’s some interesting moves in there, and I know you will enjoy it because absolutely everyone that visits SnA is open minded and has no hangups about how other people skate….

– Thanks to Ted Schwallie for the tip.

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It’s a Jurassic Park Sequel

Two groups of dinosaurs in two Pacific Northwest cities are trying to scrape up enough DNA to clone respective skate facilities back from the dead. In Portland, our own GVK is trying to spearhead a grass roots movement to get a vert ramp built in Portland. Meanwhile, there’s a freestyle/flatground enthusiast in Seattle who is trying to get a wide, smooth, flat surface for practicing some sort of discipline known as “freestyle slalom.” So here is the petri dish, leave your lab results in the comments. The image for this post? It’s a Mark Teague illustration from a Jane Yolen children’s book titled How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends?

Never the twain shall meet?

Oh you kids and your mash-ups. Check out this vid from Brett Novak, you know, Skateboarding Visual Effects Artist Extraordinaire? The skating on this is a mix of 70’s freestyle, 80’s streetstyle and well, 90’s freestyle meets modern street skating. Heck, there are even some moments to make Dan Gesmer proud. There will be haters, but you can not deny the creativity and skill. And seriously, I was completely joking about yesterday’s freestyle post. I have nothing against Rodney Mullen, at least he’s not lying about it being impossible to make good skateboards in North America. I respect his talents though. I thought it was funny that the two biggest things my son took away from the Bone Brigade Video whenshow were Lance Mountain (his favorite part is where he rides the tricycle) and the Mullen frestyling. He was pretty fascinated, and kept asking “What is he doing?” Kill your idols and watch the new blood, Kilian Martin after the jump. Doubters? How about a Primo slide off a handful of steps?

– Thanks to Eric Cherry for the tip.

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