Daft Punk Skateboard

French Furniture designer Hervet-Manufacturier makes some really interesting looking angular furniture the looks like it what people thought the future was going to look like in the 70’s. It’s got a heavy Space 1999 vibe to it. And of course they also make some expensive hardwood retro “artisanal” cruisers. While they were at it, they released a formica laminated, laser engraved, limited edition Daft Punk skateboard that sold for $288. Hervet-Manyfacturier went with a retro mail order catalog inspired promo image, while Daft Punk’s chose a glossy 70’s skatemag style advertisement.

[Source: DesignBoom] – Thanks to MC for the tip.

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More Frac-ing Skateable Architecture

This Installment of skate able architecture features the Frac Centre located in Orleans, France and designed by Jacob + Mcfarlane

[Source: CJWHO Photos: Nicolas Borel] – Thanks to MC for the tip.


An Army of Jodie Fosters

Not to be confused with Jodie Foster’s Army, because, you know, I have to spell everything out since being diagnosed with a phobia of people not getting my very obvious jokes. What are the questions that annoyed Jodie Foster in the 70’s? “Do you have a boyfriend? Are you really a skateboard champion? Did you go crazy after Taxi Driver?” Bonus spread of Lief Garret/Jodie Foster skateboard romance after the jump, and you might as well check out the extensive 2009 Skate and Annoy interview of JFA’s Brian Brannon when you’re done.

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Pif Gadget

Two more from Vintage Toy Advertiser. On the left, an ad from a 1977 issue of the French comic book Pif Gadget with a contest to win among other things, one of 300 rolling surfboards AKA “surfs a roulettes” AKA skateboards. On the right, a crazy skateboard shirt from a 1978 issue of Pif Gadget. It’s 1978 and there’s no skyhooks on that skateboard. How did they get that photograph of an unobstructed bottom view of a skateboarder seemingly getting air? Was he skating on a sheet of plexiglass? It’s clearly just a rolling shot, so where’s the harness and the wires?

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The Pantoufles à Pépère

Domesticated and proud of it. The Pantoufles à Pépère are slippers made in France for French hipsters. The web site also has a few images of skateboards on it.

– Thanks to David ODK for the pictures

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Fingerboards are for cockroaches

Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French cartoon that sometimes airs on the Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network channel here in the US. It’s not very good from a writing/directing standpoint but it occasionally has a good gag. There’s an episode called “Skate Fever” from season 4 that features what may be the first ever appearance of fnigerboarding in a cartoon. The cockroaches have glued the cat onto a skateboard, and are following him around as he crashes into things. They make a quick detour into a toy store to pick up cockroach sized skateboards from a giant pile of fingerboards on display. As a whole, the cartoon is pretty heavy handed, lots of gratuitous TNT and slapstick cartoon violence that isn’t set up very well, but there are a few good gags and the art direction is occasionally interesting. The first episode supposedly aired in 1998, so that would date Skate Fever (episode 54) to about 2002 or so. The skateboard that Oggy finds belongs to a pro named “Roller Dude,” and it features a nose bone, which is interesting, at least if you’re the kind of skate nerd who is used to visiting Skate and Annoy… Check out a couple stills and watch the whole episode after the jump.

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Goodluck Planche a Roulettes

“Goodluck” brand safety equipment for French speaking children. Everything, helmet included, seems to be made out of dense, soft foam. Almost like wrestling mats. Check out the trim on that helmet. Weird, but stylish. No idea what year this is from… 70’s? 80’s?

[SOURCE: Leboncoin] – Thanks to David ODK for the tip.

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French Vert Turtles

Station ID for France 3, one of France’s state owned television channels. It actually dates back to 2013, and so French readers, I’m disappointed in you for not letting me know earlier.

– Thanks to Nick Dawson for the tortue de la planche à roulettes.

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With a good glass of wine

Although it may look like outtakes from Macho Taildrop, Le Skate Moderne is a short clip about a two of skaters in rural France who live on a farm. There’s not a lot of actual information, instead it seems to concentrate cinematography. I can’t tell if the clothes are costumes or not, it seems a little like an affectation. Also, these guys seem to have a pretty good sized crew for being out in the middle of the country. All in all though, it’s very well made.

– Thanks to Bevilacqua for the tip.

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