Hot Dog Magazine

Hot Dog Magazine’s premier issue features Mork and Mindy on the cover. Although published by Scholastic in 1979, the skateboard that Pam Dawber is riding looks like mid 70’s to me. It’s almost like they put a wider board on those tiny trucks to help her stay on. Issue #1 doesn’t have hide nor hair of a skateboard within the meager 24 pages, although the issue I procured didn’t have the “Free Poster Inside,” so maybe it was a larger or alternate version of the cover. Can anyone confirm? I remember Hot DOg as a kid, but I don’t think it was ever a serious contender for the 800 pound gorilla of pre-teen magazines, Dynamite.


Kolie and the funeral

Kolie and the Funeral is the title of this coloring book given out by some funeral homes to help kids deal with the death of the loved one. It was published in 1988, so Kolie the koala (should have been K-ollie) might be preparing for the death of the skateboard industry… Zinger! I’d hate to be the kid who gets a brief glimmer of joy when he sees the skateboard on the cover and then realizes the whole damn thing is about his dead relative. A couple sample pages after the jump.

– Thanks to Dan for the tip.

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Santa is a slob

Santa slob air pajamas at Old Navy. Thanks to Danimal for the pic.

Old Maid

A special deck of cards for children to play old maid with. No numbers even, just pictures.


Ages 4-6? Really? Any 6 year old who’d be entertained by this is definitely a few crayons short of the box. The dots aren’t numbered, and if they get any closer their gravitational pull would influence the tides. This weird half seagull, half duck creature must be from the Galapagos Islands.

– Thanks to Courtney for the tip.

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Did the pilgrims skateboard?

No. And neither does this kid. Check out Scholastic News Volume 69, #3. Click through to watch the video to watch an unintentionally funny video.

– Thanks to Avery for the tip.

Torpedos for kids

These are damned cool. Probably massively expensive since they are listed as “price on request.” I a full grown man and I want ride on one right now. They evoke everything I remember about the first time I rode a skateboard. What are they made of? A “laminate shell,” which doesn’t really tell us much, but it sure paints up nice. Designed by Anna & Jerry Koza, available in Prague.

[Source: Design42day] – Thanks to Boy for the tip.

Reading Revolution 900

There’s a Tony Hawk-branded series of books for young teens (or tweens?) called Tony Hawk’s 900 Revolution. There’s no mission statement about the series being designed to engage kids in reading other than a tagline on the front page that says “Join the reading revolution.” You can read sample chapters and find out about characters like Omar, who is “aggressive and inventive, and often likened to Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.” The premise of the series:

At the dawn of the new millennium, Tony Hawk landed the first-ever 900, finally capturing the Holy Grail of skateboarding. At that moment in time, everything changed. A mysterious force shattered his board and scattered the pieces across the globe. Today, a talented group of teens unite in an eternal quest to bring the board – and its power – back together again. Adventure, action sports, and sci-fi rolled into one super-hot series!

Your kid (or you with a cleverly disguised entry) can win a chance to appear as a character in a future book. They look a little bit like comic books don’t they? They aren’t but they do have a 16 page graphic novel insert. Extreme!™

Children’s Playmate

Six months behind the first issue of Thrasher, but still highly influential. Children’s Playmate, the June/July 1981 issue from Children’s Health Publications. No other skateboarding content in this issue. Not bad for a goat, a duck, and a chicken.

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