Mr Potato Head Coloring and Activity Book

Sure, Mr. Potao head may be on roller blades on the cover, but there are skateboarders on the inside. What’s the diff? I don’t know, Playskool, you tell me.


Halfpipe Skateboard Ollie Kid!!!!

I’m so excited, I’m about to wet myself. Mom, can I go on it? CAN I, CAN I, CAN I, CAN I, CAN I???? This gently used “Huge Commercial Inflatable Skate Slide~Bouncer~Halfpipe~Skateboard Ollie Kid!!!!” can be yours at a buy it now price of $3,249.99. Now’s your chance to get the halfpipe you’ve always wanted Grover! Is that an early Street League logo on the side of the ramp? What kind maneuver is that anyway?

– Thanks to Josh at BPA for the tip.

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Skateboard Renegade in Braille

Matt Christopher is the “#1 Sports Writer for Kids” according to his bio. Danimal sent me the braille addition of Skateboard Renegade that he rescued from the trash.

Buzz cut or ponytail? Grunge look? Tattoo, body paint, or earring? How about none of the above? When Zach takes up skateboarding, he doesn’t realize that he’s expected to look a certain way — and cop a certain attitude, too. At least that what it seems like. But Zach just isn’t comfortable with any of these things; he wants to skateboard for the fun of it, and maybe take part in a few competitions. Will he be ostracized because he looks and acts so “normal”? Or will his decision to stay true to himself mark him as a renegade, the very attitude his skateboarding buddies will appreciate?

Oh, the irony of being an outcast amongst outcasts for not embracing being a stereotype. I’m not sure why anyone would throw away a braille book, I would imagine the demand would exceed the supply, so this story must have been especially bad. See the Skateboard Renegade braille edition plus two other sighted edition covers after the jump.

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Board Pillows

Pillows shaped like skateboards, with skateboard prints on them. OK, sure, why not but what’s confusing is the list of pros with their own pillow boards: Christian Hosoi,Daewon Song, Sean Malto, Chris Cole and Guy Mariano? No slight against their notoriety or achievement levels, I’m more thinking about the age range of the target market. I suppose if they follow the Street League they’d definitely know. Weird second rate graphics too. On the plus side, they’ve got a boy who skates like a man in the promo video.

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Boyz drool

The Pink Helmet Posse, courtesy of the Daily Mail. These kids rip! When you’re done watching this video, don’t forget to drop into Norms.

– Thanks to Maureen Swan for the tip.

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Drop into Norms

Little girls intimidating grown men, as seen in a TV commercial for Norms Restaurants in California. The rider is Annika Vrklan.

[Source: Hoopla Skateboards]

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When children have children

Apparently, the longboard stroller, although not actually in production yet, is also not meant to be a joke. In some shots you can see what might be a braking device or two, possibly a sponge. Test dummies are a nice touch. This is a joke. Is this a joke? Quinny is a real company.

UPDATE: Added another video.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.

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Spongebob Extreme Team

It’s a Spongebob Squarepants coloring book. That is all.

– Thanks to John Aguilar for the photo.


SOTW 3-14-13: Optical Illusion

This week’s Shot of the Week is from John Aguilar. Not much to say about it but, you know, just look at it. Cool.

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