SOTW 6-11-12: Tony Besabe in Stuart, Florida

This week’s Shot of the Week comes from Ben Warren courtesy of Octopus Manufacturing, home of the Goat Ramp. (Stands for Goes On A Trailer.) It’s a kick flip by Tony Besabe in the heart of Stuart, Florida. if Stuart could talk, what would he say?

SOTW 5-7-12: Nick Murphy

This week’s Shot of the Week features the boneless action of Nick Murphy at 3 Piers, Bradenton Beach, FL. The photographer is Nick Nicks from No Comply magazine.

Florida VERT Attack

Florida VERT Attack series is aimed at passing on the the vertical urge to a new generation, as well as just perpetuating those backyard days. M.E.S.S. anyone? (P.S. Britt! COme on Man, chime in!) No Comply has some photos form Florida Vert Attack #8. Vert Attack #9 was in March. These guys need to get a web site set up. Anyway, here’s a few photos of series organizer Tod Morrow, taken by Nick Nicks. Come on, real name? Wait, it might just be his real name. Top shot is SkatePark of Tampa and the indoor ones are at Vans Olando (R.I.P. as of 1-22-12).

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Brandon Park

More pictures of Brandon Park in Hillsborough county, Florida. Photos an striking concrete patterns by Team Pain, but I bet you already knew that…

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Apollo Beach

Another new one from Team Pain, this time in Apollo Beach, Florida. Looks like the new stains are becoming a hallmark of this crew. Pics and video after the jump.

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Legoland Extreme Zone Shop

A few pics from the Extreme Zone Shop in Legoland Florida. I think it’s less than a year old, and it shows a little. I don’t think it would be worth the cash if it was even moderately busy. For instance the “Factory” exhibit is the shoddiest fake animatronic display that looks like it was designed in one weekend to be temporarily set up in a mall. The park is geared towards little kids though, and mine had a blast. The Extreme Zone shop was just like any shop at the mall or airport. They didn’t give me any grief for moving a few displays out of the way to get the mini ramp in frame.

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Friday T&A on S&A : Concrete Bodies

A very disturbing, depraved, lewd an lascivious photograph after the jump. Concrete can be inherently sensuous, but Spohn Ranch may just be the Larry Flint of skatepark companies. Shield your eyes to protect your delicate sensibilities after the jump.

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Brandon, Florida

Here’s some pics of a soon to open Team Pain park in Brandon, Florida, on the outskirts of Tampa. Brandon is home to a few names you might have heard of, like Mike Frazier, and Anthony Furlong. None of these guys are in the pictures though. Ha. Despite the typical Florida high water table issue, they managed to get what looks like a really nice bowl (9″9′ Deep, 6″ shallow) in addition to the more street plaza-esque terrain. There’s colored concrete and a public arts grant to add some more color at a later date. The park is on track for a soft opening in March, so these guys must be doing some quality control.

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Random Photo

A photo, but you know, not a Shot of the Week from Gage Thompson. Someone give this guy a job. I think he’s confused Skate and Annoy with some legitimate skateboard media source.

Skater: Trevor Colden
Date: Dec 4th 2011
Trick: Switch Heel
Location: Skatepark of Tampa during Tampa Am 2011
Photographer: Gage Thompson

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