Not much newsworthy about the fingerboard fad these days. If you’ve been to the toy aisle of a Target lately you’ll have noticed the the Tech Deck presence has shrunk dramatically from what it was in their heyday. They’ve tried releasing old school shapes, longboards, and even retro plastic cruisers in fingerboard form in an effort to sustain the market. However, they did not try whatever this thing is from China. It’s the mother of all wackyboards for your fingers, featuring alternative bouncy spring trucks and a rotating, detachable deck with built-in bindings. Just when I was absolutely certain I would never buy another fingerboard.

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Moose and Squirrel, no Moose

Jeff Longo rescued a newborn baby flying squirrel. The only reason you’re looking at on Skate and Annoy is because he eventually took a picture of it standing on a fingerboard.

[Source: Laughing Squid.]


Cannibal Kinder Surprise

Kinder Joy Surprise toy found inside little chocolate eggs, for sale by a cannibal in Hong Kong. I’m clearly phoning it in today. Bonus Kinder Surprise after the jump.

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Annoy and Annoy

Putting the “annoy” in Skate and Annoy. I defy you to sit through this entire DIY fingerboard ramp project video. Then blame Josh for this tip.

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Weird Fingerboards of the Week

Apparently even fingerboard manufacturers are over their phobia of shaped decks. Witness these two weirdly shaped fingerboards that appear to be made out of some very cheap metal. Skull Skates Mutant? The only thing I can think of is that they had thousands of oddly shaped scraps left over from manufacturing some other crappy product and couldn’t be bothered to melt it all down again. The auction says plastic, but insure looks like metal, and not plastic chrome.

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This week in creepy toys

This week in pairings of creepy toy dolls with entirely unrelated fingerboards: Two big-eyed dolls with Star Wars fingerboards from McDonalds Happy Meals. It’s a confusing listing, but the Tonner and Kish dolls are just being used for display purposes to show off the toy skateboards.


Footy Sk8r

Cheap fingerboards are a dime a dozen or in this case, $36 a dozen. The packaging on these cheap toys is worth more that the actual product. Fingerboards from China… I know. Who cares? I always like a good sports crossover, and this serves as your reminder to watch the USA vs Columbia in today’s Women’s World Cup. That match starts at 5pm Pacific time.

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Tony Hawk Circuit Boards

From the brand you can trust for all your creepy, electronic cockroach needs, Hexbug brings you Tony Hawk’s Circuit Boards. It’s a hybrid of fingerboards and RC skateboard technology that sounds like a bad idea, but looks kind of cool in the demo videos. The promo footage shows some cool maneuvering, however it’s speculation whether this is due to hours of practice and precise timing or some built in mechanism or inherent design that makes lip tricks and kick turns on such a small scale seemingly easy. It comes with a TV commercial featuring Tony Hawk in one of his least wooden advertising appearances ever. Radio controlled Circuit Boards! Get it? Get it?

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Confusion Zine & Blackriver

That’s Skreech on the cover of the latest Confusion zine. Apparently he’s turning over a new leaf after evaluating his life via Dragonslayer, so he’s going by Joshua instead of Josh. He didn’t ditch the “Skreech” moniker though. He’s no dummy when it comes to marketing. In addition to the Skreech interview, this shot of Elias Assmuth on a skateboard made out of a fingerboarding ramp got my attention. Radness! Those guys at Blackriver Ramps take their skateboarding every bit as seriously as their fingerboarding, or vice versa.

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