Thrasher en Vogue

Vogue Magazine asks the question “How the Thrasher Tee Became Every Cool Model’s Off-Duty Staple,” pointing out various models who have appropriated skateboard culture, and even those like Natalie Westling that actually skateboard. Everyone knows that Steve Olson is the original skateboarding model.

[Vogue Photos from top left: Jerome ChromeVansPhil Oh ]


A tale of two Grabkes

Two different Claus Grabke boards featured in unrelated fashion shoots. I’m still trying to track the source of the one on the left,  doubtfully commissioned by the gelato company. The one on the right has an Underwear Expert watermark, which is a good place to go get your dong on.


Another Fashion Show

Forget about the Olympics, we should start a petition to keep skateboarding out of fashion! All the fashion blogs are gaga of how the skateboards weren’t awkward at all and were very complimentary to the styles. Meanwhile, the poor girl on the right couldn’t even keep her fancy slip from slipping off what God gave her. These are from the Ashish show for spring/summer 2016 at London Fashion Week.

[Source: She Knows]

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Leicester Polytechnic Skateboard fashions

No, this isn’t an outtake form an episode of the Prisoner. It’s a June 6, 1978 press photo from Leicester Polytechnic School. Yes, it will soon be framed on my wall.

Three models wearing the latest in Skateboard fashions designed by the Leicester Polytechnic School of fashions and textiles. They are L-R Cindy wears multi-coloured knitted stripped sweater, shorts andd leggings. Stephanie wears Navy jumpsuit with velour stripe trim and bolero, and Debie wears multi-coloured two-piece in striped velour.

I’m going to hop in the old time machine and see if I can get a date with Cindy and tell Stephanie to get a damned skateboard and stop lurking. Maybe I’ll bring back her jumpsuit for GVK.

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Milk, Milk, Lmnade

LMNADE is a design-driven lifestyle brand specializing in fashion and hard good products that focuses on vintage beach/boardwalk culture.

“Roll, Bounce, Skate.” – The Lmnade brand is aimed at young women who want to roller-skate, skateboard, and bounce? They actually have a couple of cool novelty boards and some cruisers, plus roller skirts. To promote the product they use lots of lifestyle girls doing everything with a skateboard that you could think of, as along as all you can think of is sitting on them and holding them, and not you know, actually skateboarding.

You know, I often think about trying to add female voice to the staff here at S&A, but seeing as how I keep posting stuff like this, I don’t know that anyone would want to.

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Bugle Boy Jeans

This is a Bugle Boy hang tag from 1989 that doubles as a postcard on the back. You know, in case you’re shopping and want to share the experience with a friend or loved one in a different part of the country. “Dear Mom, I’ve got my socks pulled up over my Bugle Boy Jeans and I’m skating in a letterman’s jacket in the middle of the summer. Wish you were here!”


Burberry from 2002

A licensed Burberry skateboard featured in the January/February 2002 issue of FHM magazine. So yeah… $450, which makes a lot of sense. Heat transfers were expensive at the turn of the millennium.

Skater Boi Pause Mag fashion

Skater Boi Gives Pause

Pause magazine wants to redefine men’s fashion:

The skater boy is the contemporaries new man and fashion wants him for their own.
AW or SS it doesn’t matter….THIS IS THE FUTURE.

This guy so surreal looking I can’t even laugh at this. A one point the video is like Charlie Sexton in a Devo video. Sometimes he looks like a computer animation. The model is one angular mofo. The video runs from skateboarding to motocross to a quasi bullfighter look. I keep expecting Ali G or Bruno to pop up. And the title, so hopelessly out of touch/fashion. That was popular in 2002! I don’t know why, but this whole thing fascinates me. It makes me want to stand in the corner of a skatepark and do the fake make out thing with my hands around my back. Yes, I know there are no corners in a skatepark. “Bonus” Avril Lavign video after the fashion disaster.

[Source: Caught in the Crossfire]

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Quilted leather skateboards

Err…. uh. Casely Hayford and H by Harris. Somewhere this makes sense to somebody. Wasn’t that guy in Fun Boy 3?

[Source: Trendland]

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