He’s Back!

It’s weird 1920’s swimsuit evil landlord villain surfing on a skateboard. He first made an appearance on the packaging for Trickray wheels. This time it’s a fiberglass Mark IV skateboard deck, large enough to make out the artist’s signature – Pfister. I’m not sure if this Mark IV is another Trickray product or if this illustration was just passed around. I seem to recall posting another instance of it but I can’t find it.

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I’d rather be skate-board-ing

It looks’s 60’s art direction and the seller says 70’s, but you never can tell with a button. Halftones in the image makes it look like was offset printed instead of digitally, so it’s likely it’s of the pre-desktop printing era. Simpler times in some ways, but then again making this button would have been more costly in that era. The “Badge-a-Minit” stamp on the back has a LaSalle, IL location and now these they are located in Oglesby, IL. Badge-a-Minit has been around forever.


Lubricated for your pleasure

Gross… right? I couldn’t resist. That’s what she said…. OK, Stopping now. Check out these four stickers for Concord Skateboard Lubricant. Concord Lubricant will allow you to go faster, go smoother, jet down the pipe, and slalem [sic] with ease. 70’s era judging by the equipment, although could even be early 80’s. The lot sold for the very reasonable equivalent of $5.

– Thanks David ODK for the tip

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Anri carving Girl

You’re looking at a hand carved figure of a girl riding a skateboard, or at least, sitting on it while breaking in some new bowling shoes. It dates back to an undetermined point in the 70’s, and was carved for the highly collected Swiss company called Anri. Actually, it’s hard to tell where the company is located. There’s no address listed anywhere, and the history page talk of the Swiss Alps and a region of Austria-Hungary that was annexed by Italy. So maybe it’s Italian. The ANRI history goes back to 1919, so that might explain why this carving sold for $65.

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Skipper is a sporting girl

Editor’s Note: I found this post draft from 2012… I wonder what I was waiting for.

She may not be an actual sporting girl, but Skipper is an expensive date. $139 on eBay, which is ridiculous, but this old Barbie spinoff toy regularly goes for that kind of money. This doll’s name is Fluff actually, she’s Skipper’s playmate. “Fluff is a sporting girl” was just a bit much. Besides, she’s already been covered.


Happy Skating Wonderful Clown

I had no choice but to purchase this. As soon as it arrives from Italy, I’ll take better pictures. The box is priceless.

– Thanks to David ODK for the tip.

P.S. Please don’t tell my wife.

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The Lost Ebay Watch!

Yes indeed kiddies, a long lost Ebay Watch and what’s that? A promise of more to follow?!?!

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Who’s Goofy?

I’m combining two goofy posts into one, featuring Goofy and Mike V. Who you calling goofy? I’m certainly not calling you goofy, Mr Vallely, Sir. What we have here are two items that are only marginally related at best, because they both feature the Disney character known as Goofy. There’s a glutton of Goofy products with skateboards, only one of which I’ve featured here before. I’ve got others on deck though. (I slay myself…) On the left, original artwork and press proofs for an 80’s era Aladin lunchbox featuring Goofy and the gang at a skatepark. On the right, someone auctioned off Mike V’s season pass to Disneyland.

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Weak Meek Week

Two Keith Meek Slasher graphic ripoffs in one week. I just couldn’t resist the title, sorry. I don’t think this is is officially licensed by Warner Brothers, as I couldn’t find it anywhere except on Ebay.

– Thanks to BPA for the tip.

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