Do it Yourself Skateboard Kit

Branding it as a DIY Kit is a genius way to cut costs by making the consumer put everything together, but the display packaging on this is is why you’re seeing it here. This isn’t just any fiberglass skateboard kit, it’s “Top Line.” It even comes with an instruction book, which most kids probably needed in order to figure out how to put together those open bearing wheels.

– Thanks to David Maes for the tip. [Source: Ebay]

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Skateboard Stomp

Bart Simpson skateboard sightings are a dime a dozen. The best part about this ticket-spewing, foot-operated version of the classic electronic game Simon is the supporting Simpsons cast members on skateboards. Milhouse and Martin are flailing as can be expected, but check out Nelson’s confident, tuck-knee style. Current bid is only $100, but that 300lb shipping weight is a buzzkill.

– Thanks to Josh at Beach Party Attitude for the tip.

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Radical Cross Stitch

What’s the difference between needlepoint and cross stitch? Yes, I actually want to buy this California Rasin on a skateboard.


Grace Jones Action Figure

You could hope for such a thing, but this isn’t really a Grace Jones action figure. It’s a crappy Chinese-made toy. This ninja on a skateboard dates from 1989, courtesy of Stumblebaum.

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Cannibal Kinder Surprise

Kinder Joy Surprise toy found inside little chocolate eggs, for sale by a cannibal in Hong Kong. I’m clearly phoning it in today. Bonus Kinder Surprise after the jump.

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A what?

Could there ever be any doubt that this is a skateboard? Thankfully, the manufacturer labeled it in big block letters, “Justen” case you weren’t sure. It really messes up an otherwise clean, and kind of cool top graphic. I guess people in the 70’s still weren’t grasping the concept.


Action Skateboard Teens

What started as a post about overpriced 80’s skateboard dolls (Action Skateboard Teen$50!) got weird during research when I found a video about girls (who can actually skate) who want you to know that’s it’s OK to wear high heels to the skatepark as long as you bring skate shoes to change into, and don’t be a hater or a perv, or something like that. It’s not really any different than an episode of GVK, albeit not as revolting to look at but twice as revolting to listen to.

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This week in creepy toys

This week in pairings of creepy toy dolls with entirely unrelated fingerboards: Two big-eyed dolls with Star Wars fingerboards from McDonalds Happy Meals. It’s a confusing listing, but the Tonner and Kish dolls are just being used for display purposes to show off the toy skateboards.


4 Wheels Out 40 Down The Drain

I have no idea what this pin is supposed to mean. It’s an 80’s era pin, possibly early 90’s. Maybe the 40 down the drain is for you dead homies? All I know for sure is that the first thing I thought of when I saw the weird face on the skateboarder was the movie They Live. Sigh… R.I.P. Rowdy Roddy Piper.

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