Florida VERT Attack

Florida VERT Attack series is aimed at passing on the the vertical urge to a new generation, as well as just perpetuating those backyard days. M.E.S.S. anyone? (P.S. Britt! COme on Man, chime in!) No Comply has some photos form Florida Vert Attack #8. Vert Attack #9 was in March. These guys need to get a web site set up. Anyway, here’s a few photos of series organizer Tod Morrow, taken by Nick Nicks. Come on, real name? Wait, it might just be his real name. Top shot is SkatePark of Tampa and the indoor ones are at Vans Olando (R.I.P. as of 1-22-12).

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Brandon Park

More pictures of Brandon Park in Hillsborough county, Florida. Photos an striking concrete patterns by Team Pain, but I bet you already knew that…

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With Much Haste

This Friday April 6th is the opening for With Much Haste a show featuring work by skaters/artists from Portland as well as Mickeal Broth and Barf from Born Ugly out of Richmond, Virginia. Check it out at Commonwealth Skateboarding (1425 SE 20th Ave.) Opening reception Friday, April 6 from 6-9 p.m. The show runs through April at least.

Lost Bowl Kickstarter down to the wire!

The Lost Bowl in Richmond, VA is trying to wrap things up with a Kickstarter project that they are very, very close to getting, but time is running out. Head on over an give them a boost if you are so inclined. Back this project: Do it here, now.

Friday T&A on S&A : Concrete Bodies

A very disturbing, depraved, lewd an lascivious photograph after the jump. Concrete can be inherently sensuous, but Spohn Ranch may just be the Larry Flint of skatepark companies. Shield your eyes to protect your delicate sensibilities after the jump.

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Brandon, Florida

Here’s some pics of a soon to open Team Pain park in Brandon, Florida, on the outskirts of Tampa. Brandon is home to a few names you might have heard of, like Mike Frazier, and Anthony Furlong. None of these guys are in the pictures though. Ha. Despite the typical Florida high water table issue, they managed to get what looks like a really nice bowl (9″9′ Deep, 6″ shallow) in addition to the more street plaza-esque terrain. There’s colored concrete and a public arts grant to add some more color at a later date. The park is on track for a soft opening in March, so these guys must be doing some quality control.

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Freestyle New York

Too late for the opening, but the show is up through November 19th. S&A Readers might recognize one of the artists, Michel Skart Poulin.

Thursday, 15 September 2011, 06:00pm – 08:00pm

Organized by artist Rick Kreiger, this exhibit will explore the many diverse strands of skateboard culture featuring decorative ideas and ancillary art related to this popular, daredevil lifestyle. The show will include artwork produced specifically for skateboard decks, paintings, sculpture, photography and sticker art related to skateboarding. The intention of the show is to present the various ways the sport is depicted in these art forms, and the role art plays in this highly selfexpressive lifestyle.

Location : Hudson Guild Gallery / 441 W. 26th Street / NY 10001

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Underwater rimes

For some reason this picture of Grover (somewhere on the east coast) made me think of the Digital Underground song Underwater Rimes [sic], probably the blueish cast it had before I adjusted the levels. Bonus?

Disposable vs Portable

ESPN has let out a few photos of the skate structure for X Games 17. They chose the now more commonplace method of pouring a concrete over a wooden substructure. This kind of facility is temporary and seemingly very wasteful, although the concrete and wood can be “recycled” into new concrete and new ramps. However, I’m pretty skeptical that they are going to store all that wood somewhere until the next time they use it. Landfill seems more likely. On the other hand, the Dew Tour is going a different route via a familiar name in precast concrete. Don’t confuse this with ordinary prefab, these massive pieces are cut with the aid of lasers and designed to be interchangeable and self aligning. The plan is to eventually build up a large library of interchangeable parts. If you’re confused about the strange look of these, then join the club. We’re supposed to get more information shortly, so stay tuned. SPeaking of the Dew Tour, I heard a rumor that PDX local Dave Tobin was being flown back to judge!

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