Spunk for $44

Ebay watch is dead. Long live Ebay Watch! Issue #5 of Spunk, is something that probably would have made the miscellaneous section. It’s a bit of a shocker to me to see that this went for $44. The postmark on the back cover shows that it was mailed from Delaware in October of 1984. This particular issue was sent to the folks at Transworld, which had been in publication for about a year and a half at the time. The seller took some fuzzy pics of the entire issue of Spunk, so they aren’t really up to the quality that I like to post in the Zine Archives. You can check them out here after the jump. He might have worked at Transworld for a while, as some of his other auctions seem like production artifacts forms the magazine. lots of cartoons in this issue. The rockabilly hairdo is a good one.

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Super Bro Bowl

Looks like the painfully accurate reconstruction of the Bro Bowl is more or less complete, but as is the case with most skateparks integrated into public parks, the rest of surrounding work is not finished, so the skatepark is off limits, and is in fact, a trespassing offense. It looks like the only thing not replicated was the 70’s era concrete finishing.  WFLA Channel 8 in Tampa has the skinny.

[Source: Team Pain via FB]

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Kona Renewal

Kona Skatepark needs work. The owner of the longest running private skatepark is trying to raise money for repairs to the park. The fundraising campaign is incredibly vague on what the 50k is going to be used for, instead pointing to a recent Folio Weekly article that sheds light on Kona’s interesting, sometimes troubled history as it approaches it’s 39th year in operation. For instance, the park declared bankruptcy twice in the first 18 months after opening in 1977. It was in limbo for 6 months before the the current owner’s (Martin Ramos) parents bought it. Economic downturns, wildly unfortunate personal accidents, and some questionable business decisions, all detailed in the article, make public funding for a privately owned skatepark a hard sell. Kona’s place in history and many skateboarders hearts might help it stay alive. Ramos has some interesting ideas to help keep the park afloat, some of which you’ve heard before that haven’t really worked for anyone else…

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Boston: Lynch Family Skatepark in Progress.

The Lynch Family Skatepark is seeing some real progress after a ceremonial groundbreaking in 2014. According to WBUR, it’s a $3 million, 40,000 square foot plan designed by California Skateparks. It’s another sizable park built under a bridge in a relatively barren area. Enjoy an animated render after the jump, or check out some construction pics from Boston Skateboarder’s gallery on facebook.

[Photo: Charles River Conservancy]

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Team Pain in Tampa

Public meeting to unveil and discuss the proposed design for a new skatepark in Tampa, Florida, to be built by Florida’s own Team Pain. The meeting will be held October 8th, at SPOT.

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Reagan Lives

On a recent east coast sweat safari,the GVK’s had a 6 hour layover at Reagan International in D.C., so we hopped the Metro and headed to see the sights. As we exited the Metro station Jack spotted a rad little skate spot with a federal government-sized skate stop. This did not deter him from trying to skate it, even though it was really close to the guard tower. One of the guards actually said, “He’s pretty good. How old is he?” I’m always surprised with what Jack gets away with from airport terminals to the Holocaust museum. If you and I tried to ride the places he rode, House Speaker John Boehner would have us thrown into Git-mo. Barge and Destroy – GVK

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SOTW 6-11-12: Tony Besabe in Stuart, Florida

This week’s Shot of the Week comes from Ben Warren courtesy of Octopus Manufacturing, home of the Goat Ramp. (Stands for Goes On A Trailer.) It’s a kick flip by Tony Besabe in the heart of Stuart, Florida. if Stuart could talk, what would he say?

SOTW 5-7-12: Nick Murphy

This week’s Shot of the Week features the boneless action of Nick Murphy at 3 Piers, Bradenton Beach, FL. The photographer is Nick Nicks from No Comply magazine.

Donate to the SOB’s At SOB

They’ve got the rest of the month to raise $17,000 (in addition to the $58,000 already raised) and then the Baltimore City Department of Rec and Parks will match their funds with a donation of 75,000. They also received a Tony Hawk Foundation grant, One thing that might help, add a Paypal button. DONATE, for the love of John Waters.

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