Tear it Down, Build it Up

I saw on Dreamland’s Facebook feed that they were tearing down the old Beaverton / Tualatin Hills skatepark and I got a little excited. The so-called novice park concrete annex has been up since 2008, but the prefab street course left over from a long forgotten X-Games trails has been slowly rotting away since, well, since it arrived there, not to mention the rotted out vert ramp that was torn down in 2006. A quick visit to the Dreamland has left me with tempered expectations though. It looks like the first phase might be a straight 1 for 1 replacement of existing ramps with concrete replicas, although it’s hard to tell for sure. Even if that is the plan. it’s still better that what they started with. I have to imagine Dreamland will get away with some tweak, however small. Somewhere, someone knows, and has the time to rack this down for Skate and Annoy, right? Dreamland never returns my emails. I am a kook.


Dieta Skateboards in Estacada

Dieta Skateboards in Estacada, Oregon = Diestacada

Built by Dreamland and located in Estacada Oregon, Frank and Johnny enjoy a morning skate session at Wade Creek skatepark. Filmed and edited by Daniel Evans, additional footage by Spencer Knuttila.

Video after the jump.

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Eugene Fly Through

RC helicopter fly through of Dreamland’s new Eugene, Oregon skatepark by youtube user “Hauntguy.”

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A couple more shots of Dreamland Skateparks progress in Eugene, Oregon. From the lenses of Elias Parise on the left and Jodie Taylor on the right.

Washington Jefferson skatepark in Eugene, Oregon

Progress in Eugene

Aside from the top photo of the faux brickwork from Jesse McDowell, the rest of these photos are from the Washington Jefferson Skatepark of Eugene Instagram feed.

– Thanks to Sarib for the tip.

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Dreamland in Eugene

This is snake run is the first pour from Dreamland Skateparks at work in Eugene, Oregon. I’m not exactly sure if the entire park is already funded, but Skaters for Eugene Skateparks managed to raise $57,000, and look, work has begun! Additional shot after the jump.

– Thanks to Sarib Khalsa for the pics.

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Mark Scott in 1859 Oregon

Dreamland founder Mark Scott has a new model on Lifeblood and a short feature in 1859 Oregon Magazine. As far as the editorial goes, it’s a bit of a throwback to the pre-enlightened era of skatepark journalism, notable only for (still) getting the slang wrong. I don’t know what “looking to go ham” is, do you? Still, it’s nice to see Dreamland getting some press again. Seems like they’ve been making a push to get back in the public eye lately. My wife found this at a spa she was visiting in Newberg, Oregon of all places, site of one of the first major Dreamland triumphs. Second, I guess, if you count Lincoln City phase 1 as their first.) The pages are a bit wrinkled because she packed it in her suitcase. If you’re at a spa in Newberg and your magazine is missing pages, you know who to blame.

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Gold Hill, Oregon finished

Phase one of Gold Hill, Oregon’s new skatepark in memory of Tom Fish, has been completed. It’s a Dreamland project. It looks fully rideable now, but of course the grand opening is set for April 2nd.

[Source: ABC KDRV ]

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Schiffler Park open

The new skatepark at Schiffler Park in Beavertron, Oregon is officially open. Video barge courtesy of K.C. after the jump.

– Thanks to Mike Estes for the photos.

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