Alphonzo Rawls of #EVERYBODYSKATES wants you to know what makes him tick.

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Citiboard is a totally fake but totally well done spoof of the Citibike rental perpetrated by BrandFire, although I can’t seem to find the original anywhere on Facebook or Instagram. Of course, it’s over a year old, I probably just need to go back farther. Excellent choice of generic 80’s style skateboard for this concept, something you could use in a pinch, but you wouldn’t want to steal it.

[Source: Digiday]


More 16 Wheeler Action from Simon Woodstock

This video almost got relegated to Broken Kingpins but there’s some excellent dork session and bad joke telling in it. Enjoy some good stuff from Skidmark Magazine

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2 for 1 Dork Sessions

We’re running a 2 for 1 special on Dork Sessions today. First up we’ve got some extreme wheelbarrowing from Alexander Siegfried. The gag is executed pretty well, even if it does run a little long. Next we have a tribute to Breaking Bad in the form of a toy Winnebego mounted with skateboard trucks. Yes, that is that a Tonka Truck.

[Source: Sploid] – Thanks to Tim for the tip.

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The No Skate

Dave England performs a public service in this video by RossAngeles.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip

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The cure for mongo

At first, maybe only marginally skateboard related, but upon closer inspection, this would be like the orthopedic shoes and braces that Forest Gump wore, effectively making it impossible to push mongo. Mongo-bashing aside, here’s the scoop. In 2008 Tomáš Moravec modified a pallet in Bratislava, Slovakia to run on the tram tracks. Unfortunately there’s no close up of his wheel setup. (UPDATE: Close up added) We’ve got plenty of light rail and wood pallets in Portland, I’m just saying…

[Source: For the Win via Reddit]

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Go skate a curb

Literally! This is a skate-curb made by Would Shop skates for an event Slappy Slaughter held by Pink Widow Distribution. You could be riding on it as a skateboard while someone else rode a skateboard on it simultaneously. Am I blowing your mind? There’s not any info about the event online, but I think it took place last weekend. I contacted them on Facebook but haven’t heard back yet. In any case, this is a photo from B.J. Morrill.

UPDATE: Lot’s of photos over at Radballs, including a nose wheelie on the curb board! Thanks to Greg for the tip!


The Smith Grind

Yes, I am very upset that I didn’t think of this first. Ladies and gentlemen, Morrissey on a skateboard. Get yours here. From the mind of Alphonzo Rawls.


Simon Woodstock on Booze, Boxing, Boards and Bozo

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