Dog & Squirrel

Who knows how long this mural has been up? I just noticed it, and it’s in my own damned neighborhood. I am a hermit. The best part of this is the crazed looking squirrel that someone decided was in need of a little nut sack. You can view the entirety of this yet unreleased Asia album cover after the jump.

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Two trick pony/dog

No, you haven’t seen the last skateboarding dog post yet. This dog, who might be named Dash, does old school kickflips (well, after a fashion, but it’s still a kind of a kickflip without the ollie) and some sort of reverse Bertlemann slide. He’s an innovator, just like Tony Hawk.

– Thanks to Greg Baller for the tip.

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Extreme Jumpy

Remember those heady days of the skateboarding dog craze? In case you’re feeling nostalgic, here’s a dog named Jumpy in an aptly tilted video called “Bad ass dog 2.” This dog rides a mean skateboard and swims underwater, does to pawed slalom, rides a scooter, and jumps of course. Don’t let your dog see this, it will make your pets feel inadequate.

[Source: Stuff I Stole from the Internet]

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Buddy the RC Skate Dog

One thing you’ll notice about Buddy The Skate Dog is that he’s house trained. So house trained in fact, that he’s not leaving the box, because he costs about $50. After this little photo shoot he went back to the kennel.

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Radical Dads: Skateboard Bulldog Single

The Radical Dads sing Skateboard Bulldog. If the lead dad had offspring, they would call her “mom.”


Sort of the first skateboarding dog from a film made in 1930, courtesy of the king of skate film historians, Scott Starrr. in other animal skateboard news, Tilman showed up at Tony Hawk’s Standu p for Skateparks benefit.

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Tony MoHawk

Grover used to love trying to fluster little kids at skateparks by asking them if they knew who Tony Mohawk was, or just shouting it out at random moments like an exclamation point. My friend Boneman lives in Colorado now, but when he saw this Tony Mohawk dog toy he immediately thought of me and yes you, the readers of Skate and Annoy.

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Skateboard (dog) Harassment

Dreamdogs UK “reports” that a skateboarding street stunt dog was fined about $160 for not being on a leash. Where was the cop during the Tyson craze?

– Thanks to Joey O’Mahoney for the tip.

Skate dogs and studios

Skate Dog Studios makes dog bowl holders out of skateboards. $75 isn’t that bad if you consider these are new boards and not used ones. Still though, it’s just a skateboard, four legs and two holes. And the bowls. Actually, that’s a good deal, except that some things just don’t need to be made out of skateboards. Maybe that’s just me, my kitchen is just too small.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip

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