The Skateshop at Costco

Costco has skateboards, and not just some schleppy pile on the shelves, they’ve got a nice display of Jaseboards, a brand from Hawaii that only appears to be available the website or at Costco for the time being. And because it’s winter time, they’re also carrying those snow runner wheel replacements. (See Railz) For the summertime they’ve got LED light up wheels from Puka, a brand that I can’t seem to find an online presence for.

– Thanks to Stephen B for the photos.

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Bahned for life

I thought Bahne relaunched it’s brand for the serious downhill competitor, at least that’s what I remember from a previous decade when when I was an irregular contributor and advertising connoisseur of Concrete Wave magazine. I guess it didn’t pan out because Bahne seems to be engaged in the role of toy store supplier, or at best, close out items for sale at Costco.

– Thanks to Stephen B for the tip.

vizio box with skateboarder

Photo grab and release

Be careful what you sign. You may think you are just going to appear in a local paper, but you may end up plastered all over the packaging for consumer goods. It happened to Benji Galloway, and he ended up on the box of Vizio TV’s.

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water proof helmet cam

Age appropriate

When Oregon Scientific decided they needed some on location shots of their helmet mounted waterproof action cam, the ATC2K, they chose Portland’s Pier Park instead of some other less family friendly locations. Not surprising since the company is based in Tualitin Oregon. Actually, it is surprising since Newberg would have been a heck of a lot closer. California parks show up in tv commercials and print ads all the time, so it’s interesting when a local Portland park is featured. Or not. This poor, unfortunate youth appears be using his helmet cam to avoid seeing footage of himself looking very stiff or possibly posing himself on a skateboard. The waterproof ATC2K is being hawked on Costco, and shows video footage of from a trip down a waterslide which makes me think they are missing out on a potentially more lucrative niche market, adult watersports. (Cue track six from the Surf Punks’ album Local’s Only.) Now to hit up these guys for a review model. Thanks to Roger Harrell of Skateboarder Magazine for the tip.

Ultimate Skate Park

Ultimate Skate Park

All this talk about meetings and feedback for new skateparks is now moot. Costco is selling The Ultimate Skate Park online, so it seems all we need to do now is order one. Attention city planners! If you live in a town with a population of more than 5 people, you might want to order a couple. And what product does Costco recommend you purchase with your new ultimate skate park? Why, a crappy BMX bike, of course. Skate and Annoy would like to give our heartfelt condolences to Dreamland, Grindline, Placed to Ride, Airspeed and others that will likely go out of business now that Costco has taken the guesswork and expense out of building the ultimate skatepark.

– Thanks to Sarib Singh Khalsa for the tip.

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