Skatepark machines

You’re looking a the concrete equivalent of a Play-doh fun factory. One of them generates a continuous curb and the other, a ditch. I wish I had more information on these photos posted by Architecture and Design magazine. Unfortunately, they were found on their Facebook timeline, and they provide no context or source links. I was very surprised because I assumed Architecture and Design Magazine was an actual print publication, and they should know better. Turns out it’s entirely web based. The “About Us” page has some unintentionally funny copy: “The Architecture & Design story began in Afghanistan ( a country in Asia ) back in 2013…” Yes, 2013, a time when few people have heard of the rarely talked about country of Afghanistan. In any case, these machines are not designed for building skateparks, but the concept is interesting. Ole John Henry could take these machines, each one still requires a crew of guys to operate.

– Via Wrex Cook on Facebook

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Prefab DIY

Prefab and DIY are two things not commonly associated with each other, but it turns out they were a good fit in at lease one case. Confusion Magazine documented a renegade skate spot perpetrated by Skate DIY that required a quick install, with most of the work being done off site. Unfortunately, the spot came down almost as fast as the installation, lasting a mere 12 hours.

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Gallagher Concrete

While poking around in some comments left at Skate DIY I saw a link to what I thought was spam based on the thumbnail image generated by Facebook, but in fact turned out to have some pretty unique skateboarding terrain built by a company called Gallagher Concrete, located somewhere in SoCal, guessing by the area code. Sure they do bowls and the like, but the stuff that caught my eye could be classified as residential private skateparks. I don’t know who these guys are but it looks like they’ve built some fun terrain. A few more pics and a video after the jump.

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front yard driveway diy

King of the neighborhood!

Chris Cantwell operates a skateshop in Bradenton, Florida, and even though it’s got a really nice skatepark, Chris decided he needed his own concrete. I once built a 6 foot tall miniramp in the front yard of a house I was renting, but Chris’s vision and execution is so much more amazing. The closest thing I can think of is that small front yard skate obstacles set hidden somewhere in Seattle, and this is at least an order of magnitude larger. The Seattle front yard was built for a little kid, nothing over2 feet or so. The owners got some flack from the neighbors but the zoning was OK. I remember seeing it in a video, and I’d swear I posted it here, but it’s getting harder and harder to find old posts on S&A – We’re past 6k posts on the blog part alone. Chris’s project is also legitimate in the eyes of the city where he lives. Check out the pics after the jump.

– Thanks to Tito for the tip.

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Metal coping tips

A reader named Jacob noticed a gap in the DIY concrete tomes:

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately (watching videos, reading articles, etc..) on DIY Backyard projects. I’m learning a lot just from that and now i just need to try and apply the things i’ve learned and actually pour some concrete. I guess my question is, where can I get some how to’s or tips on how to make a concrete quarter pipe with metal coping? I’ve seen a lot on how to pour and finish (screet, burn, handstack, etc..) but not getting any tips on how to incorporate metal coping during the build.

I asked Tito from Team Pain if he had any tips.

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Gene pool

It’s been a while since we checked in on Gene’s My DIY backyard project. Looks like it’s done except for the decks. Additional coverage available at Confusion. Looks super fun.


Pump Bump Hump 2

Kevin sent in some pics in response to the post on the backyardskate project. Same idea, bigger scale.

UPDATE: added a picture of the finished bump.

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Pump bump hump

Hey there, I’m building a concrete nipple/pump bump at my house & figured I want it symmetrical so constructed a crude rotating aluminum pipe screed, figuring it should all work in theory but wondering if anyone done anything similar & of any problems in doing it this way. Pouring it this weekend so figured I’d put it out there for any useful hints or tips. Thanks

Check it out on Backyard Skatepark


DIY concrete float

Confusion has simple but rad little plan for recycling an old skateboard into a concrete float. You can use the float to make more things to skate on, to wear out more skateboards, to make more concrete floats, to make more things to skate on…

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