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Tyrie Smith found this old skateboard ad for Steve’s South Bay Sporting Goods in the 1976 Marvel Two-in-one comic book with the Thing and Ka-Zar. Fortunately for Skate and Annoy’s readers, Tyrie’s barber shop has a stack of comic books laying around. Steve’s South Bay also advertised in skateboard magazines. Hey gang! Here’s a chance to bring all the fun, action  and excitement of skateboarding to your front door!

– Thanks to Tyrie Smith for the tip

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Silver Surfer Lands in London

The Silver Surfer has landed in London, which means Galactus can’t be far behind. I’m not going to lie to you, it looks bad for humanity. I hope the Silver Surfer is able to save us, and maybe afterwards he can get hooked up with a better filter. Silver but shots galore in the vid after the jump.

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Pif Gadget

Two more from Vintage Toy Advertiser. On the left, an ad from a 1977 issue of the French comic book Pif Gadget with a contest to win among other things, one of 300 rolling surfboards AKA “surfs a roulettes” AKA skateboards. On the right, a crazy skateboard shirt from a 1978 issue of Pif Gadget. It’s 1978 and there’s no skyhooks on that skateboard. How did they get that photograph of an unobstructed bottom view of a skateboarder seemingly getting air? Was he skating on a sheet of plexiglass? It’s clearly just a rolling shot, so where’s the harness and the wires?

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Wile E Coyote Has the Willys

This from an advertisement for MPC snap together model kits featuring hot rods for Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. The advert appeared in an 1972 edition of a comic book called The Unexpected.

In 1972 MPC models put out a snap together model with Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. Wile E’s kit came with a skateboard. In 2011 Round 2 Models put out a re-issue of the kit. Wile E. Coyote was a separate PVC vinyl character, but the skateboard still had to be assembled from the model kit. I have not been able to find any pictures of the original kit assembled, but there were only 3 colors used for it as well, black, green, and chrome.

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Tony Condor vs Tony Hawk

In Stan Lee Presents – The Condor, Tony Valdez loses his parents and the use of his legs. Then, with the help of robotic legs and nanobots from the family business, he turns from professional skateboarder into the skateboarding crimefighter known as the Condor. The reviews for this straight to DVD release are not good. It already aired on Cartoon Network at least once, but you can watch it for free on Hulu while it lasts or rent it from YouTube. It’s horrible, unintentionally funny, and the main character is almost totally unlikeable. 10 minutes into the plot, the publisher of the “biggest extreme sports magazine” invites Tony to spend the night so she can make him a superstar. There’s quite a bit of PG-13 sexual innuendo, micro short skirts and heaving cleavage, but the overall quality of the animation, story and voice acting is so poor that it’s only going to appeal to a much younger, somewhat confused audience.

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Good luck? Charmed, I’m sure.

This is a 1978 comic book advertisement for a skateboard good luck charm as seen on Etsy. Apparently we skateboarders had some sort of creed that the manufacturer of this charm was willing to send you a hard copy of, along with a list of terminology. What does it mean when a pro says “coping,” “go for it,” “eat it,” or “Kick flip?” I guess I’ll never know.

– Thanks to David ODK for the tip.

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Krusty Kills it!

Bart Simpson rides a skateboard. Yes that’s the oldest of skateboarding in pop culture news, but this shot of Krusty the Clown jumping Springfield Gorge is a major scoop. I don’t think you understand the magnitude of this discovery people! I’m starting my Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech tonight! Bonus Simpsons detritus after the jump, including DVDs and fingerboards.

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I bought this copy of Superkernel, Volume 4 #12 on Ebay, hoping there would be more skateboarding inside this obscure title. Sadly, the original seller had since passed away. His wife was unable to locate this and many other items he had listed for sale. As I was about to post this, I found another one for sale. Superkernel was a comic book made by Guy and Brad Gilchrist. published by Weekly Reader Books. I first became aware of this comic over at Time Passages Nostalgia. I was bout to let them know that they had incorrectly given the date of the skateboard cover as 1978, because my copy says 1980, but when I looked closer I found out they used the same cover twice. Up top is Superkernel Volume 4, Number 12 from 1980. There are no additional skateboard illustrations in that issue, but maybe there are in the first issue, Volume 2 #11 from 1978.

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Spy vs Spy. Jr in Reversin’ Surfin’

Another installment in the long history of Mad Magazine skateboard as comic vehicle. This is Spy vs Spy. Jr in Reversin’ Surfin’ from the 2007 compendium Spy vs. Spy 2: The Joke and Dagger Files. Yes “Hip” is the sound every skateboarder makes when ollieing. The onomatopoeia is not actually part of the gag, but it’s actually funnier than the gag by far. It could be a good premise for a video skit. Check out the full spread after the jump.

– Thanks to MC for the photo.

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