5 Days of Ohio: Public Square Group

Day 4 of 5 Days of Ohio (for no particular reason.) Public Square Group is part skateboard/skatepark advocacy, part community outreach, and part skateboarding support group. They are named after the Cleveland’s public plaza, a not-built-for-skateboarding spot that has a history in the scene dating back to the 80’s. They also run the Skate Kitchen, which until this year had been in an actual physical location with an indoor miniramp. The non-profit membership based model (with public hours) seems to have been replaced with pop up skate events while they look for a new space. Grindline recently finished Cleveland’s Crooked River Skatepark on the riverfront. Opening day was snowed in, Meanwhile, Broadway Skatepark in the Slavic Village neighborhood of Cleveland has already gone through early design presentations. Public Square Group is acting as the conduit for feedback.

– Thanks to Dan Overfield for the tip.

[Video Still: Share the River]

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Cleveland (frontside) Rocks

Grindline is set to work on a new design for a public skatepark in Cleveland Ohio. There’s a public forum today, Wed. April 28th at Speakeasy, (under Beir Markt) on 1948 West 25th Cleveland, OH. Public Square Group has the lowdown, and it looks like the local two-wheeled community is gearing up to get their pegs in the door. F-Word. I can’t believe ESPN pays people to write about BMX and Skateboarding. How did I miss that job posting?

My apologies to Eugene skaters closer to home here, I slipped up on posting about the event last weekend.

– Thanks to Matt Jamison for the tip.

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