Hosoi knock off

This is a bootleg of the 1986 Air Rocket deck by Santa Cruz/Hosoi. (This time) the bootlegger changed quite a few things in the design like the haircut, logo and even the shape of the Hammerhead board in the drawing.  Sold on eBay for a ridiculously high $80.

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The Pizza Deck

Not to be confused with Pizza Grip, (Man that stuff is gnarly), here are two skateboards in the shape of a slice of Pizza. The first is a graphic for an 2012 book signing event with Christian Hosoi at Pizzanista, which it turns out is partially owned by Salman Agah. On the right, an actual production board called the Slicer, this one from a NYC clothing company called The Good Company. My source for the Slicer was Pee Wee Herman’s Facebook feed.

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Hosoi earns a Penny

How to stay relevant in a world where you came up with an original (isn) idea and everyone has copied you, and Chinese manufacturers are flooding the market? Christian Hosoi has a model out on Penny skateboards. Looks pretty damned cool, and he shreds that thing. Video after the jump.

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Classic Tales with Christian Hosoi

Here’s Christian Hosoi recalling a pretty mild but amusing tale of tripping on mushrooms while at the hight of his fame. The Beavis and Butthead style animation adds to the enjoyment, as does Christians attitude and presentation of the whole thing. First and foremost, up front about his new sobriety, without being a well… buzzkill about the whole thing. Brought to you by Vans.

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All 80’s All Day Vert Challenge

Tito from Team Pain sent in some pictures from the Quicksilver All 80’s All Day Vert Challenge, and because some of you will ask, it had a 9.5 foot radius and a foot and a half of vert. Team Pain built the ramp and donated it to Grover’s back yard after the event. Ha ha, just kidding. They did build the ramp though. Photos and a good Quicksilver video recap after the jump. All kinds 80’s faces coming out of the woodwork.

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Cornboards from the University of Illinois

So far my alma mater is famous for two things, the birthplace of the fictional self-aware computer Hal 9000, and the place where internet browsers were invented. And now the University of Illinois is pushing the Corn board, a composite material made from the husks and stalks of corn plants. Think of it as a replacement for particle board. Something you could build houses and miniramps out of, and well, skateboards. Technically, longboards, and just the core. It seems like you could stuff just about anything in the core of longboards, even Bonite! I’ll be impressed when they can make a shortboard out of that stands up to Canadian Maple. Actually, I’m impressed by the recycling bit. It would be great to cut down on wood consumption, although I thought particle board was already made from discarded bits of wood used to make other things. Unless anyone is specifically cutting down trees to make particle board, it’s not really going to save anything. Is it really “green” to take something that would otherwise decompose and turn it into something that won’t? The Daily Illini (The “student” newspaper run by a privately owned media company) has an article with some of the development story and an excellent misrepresentation of Christian Hosoi as a “professional longboarder.” Hosoi has signed on to the company for a forthcoming signature model. I think I would have pooped in my Life’s a Beach Elroy Jetson shorts had Christian Hosoi signed to a skateboard company from the same town as the school I was failing because I was skateboarding too much.

– Thanks to OCD Kyle for the tip.


Skateboard Action from Steve Hawk

Courtesy of Hood River’s own Carl Warren. His brother recently gave him this 1987 book written by Steve Hawk (Yes, he is.) with the stickers intact. Check out the wrap around rails on that Staab. More pages after the jump.

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