Another Random Chicago Spot Check

Bridge launch ramp and/or bank in Chicago. Watch out for those bolts. Someone point me to a skate photo of a spot like this.


Pop Up Launch Ramp

This traffic stopping barrier in an alley in downtown Chicago can be raised and lowered. When raised, it’s almost got more of a wall jam or pole jam angle than than a launch ramp. Still, it’s got potential. It would be funny if they had to put skate stoppers on a car stopper.

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Body Expanded

There’s a giant skateboarder outside of the Body Expanded exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago. MSIC is one of a few museums in the world to have a permanent display from the creators of Body Worlds. I did not enter the exhibit to see if there was more skateboarding action. What was I thinking? I don’t know. The MSIC is so big, we didn’t get to everything in one day.

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These things happen

I stumbled upon this skatepark while visiting Chicago recently. These things (new skateparks) happen when you move away from a city for 15 years or so. This street plaza-style park is much more interesting than this panorama photo may lead you to believe. I’m standing on top of a wall that is maybe 10 feet tall. Under my feet and out of view for the most part, are the assorted transitions and banks that butt up against the wall. The panorama makes everything seem more spread out than the reality, but it is a pretty expansive park. There was not much going on there during my accidental visit, but it looks fun.

R.I.P. Reggie

Reggie Destin, killed by a drunk driver while skateboarding in a bike lane. He died from his injuries last Saturday. I didn’t know him personally, but I knew Push, and I hail from Chicago (ages ago) so I feel for you Chicago. There’s a fund set up to help his family pay for his medical expenses.

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