Tiny Dinosaur Jr.

Apparently J. Mascis is not over it, and has taken to skateboarding in a music video again. The Dinosaur Jr. video for “Tiny” looks like it was shot at the Northampton, MA skatepark. Aside from J. pushing around the park, there’s also a skateboarding dog and some roller derby action. It’s decent tune that will stick in your head, but the dog is not impressed at the end.

– Thanks to Tom Tallboycan for the tip

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Kei Kamara flying his longboard to Boston

Kei Kamara, former DP of Columbus Crew and recent high profile / scandalous signee to The New England Revolution taking his longboard with him on a flight to Boston. That’s right soccer/skateboarding fans…. more breaking MLS action here on Skate and Annoy. I never thought there would be another S&A crossover post that didn’t involve the best team in MLS, the mighty Portland Timbers, but here you have it. This is from Kei’s Twitter feed. You know, I actually felt a little bit sorry for Kei last year.

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I’m a Belieber

That’s right, I am the proud owner of a Justin Bieber skateboarding pin, and it’s pink, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s too late to say sorry.

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Prince of Wales

Check out this April, 1978 footage of Prince Charles hanging out with skateboard kids in Kentish Town, London and eventually taking a ride. It aired on a program called Nationwide. This particular episode was about a program called Inter-Action, which was some sort of inner city youth outreach. The episode is available on the BBC web site, but appears to be incapacitated at this time. I’m not sure if it’s only viewable inside the UK or not, but I was able to watch it a few months ago in the USA. Fortunately, there are a coupe of liberated clips available for embedding here. Charles voice and demeanor with the kids is excellent. He almost sounds like he’s ready to pick a fight. When he gets on the board he mentions that he hadn’t done in such a long time, which means he likely skated at some point in the late 60’s as a wee lad.

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An Army of Jodie Fosters

Not to be confused with Jodie Foster’s Army, because, you know, I have to spell everything out since being diagnosed with a phobia of people not getting my very obvious jokes. What are the questions that annoyed Jodie Foster in the 70’s? “Do you have a boyfriend? Are you really a skateboard champion? Did you go crazy after Taxi Driver?” Bonus spread of Lief Garret/Jodie Foster skateboard romance after the jump, and you might as well check out the extensive 2009 Skate and Annoy interview of JFA’s Brian Brannon when you’re done.

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Guitars, Skateboards and Hillbilly Music

Dwight Yoakum was photographed on a skateboard in London sometime in 1986. His FB page doesn’t say what it was published in, but here it is. A double billing of Dwight with Jason and the Scorchers would be a show I’d love to see.



Let’s see here… David Chappelle and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, back when they were both cool.

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A professional, unprofessional activity.

Off Camera has quite a lengthy interview with Stacy Peralta that you can read, watch or listen to. Best quote: “A professional, unprofessional activity.” You might think there’s no need to hear the story of Stacy Peralta, as told by Stacy himself again, but the interview extends beyond most of what you may already know. Stacy talks about his personal life outside the realm of being known as a skateboarder as well as some interesting insight into the distribution of independent media. After reading a little bit it becomes apparent that photographer/director Sam Jones is/was a skateboarder, so the interview starts from an informed place, even though the introduction is a little bit of a stiff retread.

UPDATE: Back in issue 6 there’s an interview with Tony Hawk too.

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Bieber Fieber

Almost, but not entirely like the episode of the Simpsons where Homer gives Marge a bowling ball with his name on it. At least this Justin Bieber themed Mother’s Day gift came with the receipt. Give it up for Hot topic. Boo Ya! Oh snap. Don’t go there.

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