Venice Beach Surf & Skate Fest Saturday

There’s a small fortune in skateboards and memories in this shot. Looks like it’s more than a swap meet though:

The 2nd Annual Venice Beach Surf & Skate Fest will be taking place Saturday April 13th from 11a-6pm at the Venice Farmer’s Market Lot on Venice Bl @ Dell Ave. Come see products from your favorite local shops including Maui & Sons, VB Surf & Animal House. See & buy awesome vintage gear from the swap meet. Drink a selection of beers from Stone Brewing and sample cuisine from Farmhouse Kitchen & Poke & Poke while our friends at Whole Foods tantalize you with fresh squeezed juices! Do all of this while rockin’ to tunes by Street Smart, Venice Street Legends & Flyin’ Lion. And don’t forget to dig into your pocket books to win amazing prizes in the charity raffle which benefits Sea Shepherd.

Drew Barrymore keepin’ it real

Drew Barrymore was photographed at a skatepark in Culver City, California for the February, 2012 issue of InStyle. Here she is yucking it up with one of the locals. Scans provided by what I have to assume is a 15 year old boy, at least judging by the rest of the pictures I’ve found tagged with Kroqjock.

[Source: Anne of Carversville] – Thanks to Michael Pfister of Germany for the tip.

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Rowley Park in Gardena, California

Check out a gaggle of good action shots from the recently finished Rowley Park skatepark in Gardena, California thanks to Spohn Ranch. Video too.

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Heaven forbid!

According to the Mercury News:

Amid the worst budget crisis in city history, with even police officers worried for their jobs, city leaders last fall said San Jose’s gem of a skate park — California’s largest — would have to either be left as an unstaffed free-for-all, privatized or possibly even padlocked.

Heaven forbid an unstaffed free-for-all! Then it would be just like every public skatepark in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, and probably a few other states too.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.

Skreech in the News

Skreech in the New York Times? Why not? He’s already the subject of one (possibly two?) documentary film. So the The New York Times is right on top of the (latest) recession-as-silver-lining for pool skaters story, so my condolences to everyone in California because it must be officially over now. (You are a child of Summer and Winter is coming…) Salba quote? Check. How does he do it? Must be a state law. Reporters have to declare it at customs. I see you’re doing a story on pool skating, can I see your Salba Documents? Watch the trailer for Dragonslayer after the jump.

[Photo – Billy Runaway]

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Two-fer from Colin Walsh

He’s back and he still rules. Two shots from Buena Vista courtesy of Colin Walsh.

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Venice Ale House

The Venice Ale house serves beer samplers in a cutout longboard. Seems a little forced to me, but I suppose the tourists eat it up.

– Thanks to Shannon Thorpe for the photo.

Wavves: Post Acid

Wavves are a San Diego that depending on who you read, is either a solo project with hired guns, the new sound, or a bunch of noise. Here’s a good place to start. They released the Post Acid single on Green Label Sound, which is a, uhm.. mp3 record label owned by Pepsi via Mountain Dew. Check out the 2010 vid and a 2009 album on Fat Possum with an old-timey looking skate photo on the cover after the jump.

– Thanks to Alex I for the tip.

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New Sponsor: Inspectrum

Welcoming Inspectrum skateboards as a sponsor to Skate And Annoy. Inspectrum is a small company from Bakersfield, Ca dedicated to skateboarding and having a few laughs. If you don’t believe it, check out the Urkel Jerks shirt. Video after the jump.

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