Tony Hawk at Burnside

I did not see Tony Hawk’s unannounced stop at Burnside yesterday, but I did make these nifty shelves in my garage instead. It would take me half a day to get this into the form of a cartoon like MC does, so this is what you get instead.

Frame 1: Caption – “1986” 1st guy speech bubble – “Tony Hawk is at our local skatepark right now!”

Frame 2: 2nd Guy speech bubble – “Oh man, I’m going to blow off finals for this, lets go!”

Frame 3: Caption – “2012” – 1st guy (looks older) speech bubble – “Tony Hawk is at our local skatepark right now!”

Frame 4: 2nd guy (looks older) speech bubble – “I think I’m going to build shelves in my garage.”

I’m not dissing Tony, I’m sure he was rad. I saw that he even graciously posed for some photos with grooms.

Interesting side note: The story behind why Portland wasn’t an official stop on his tour is a disappointing one.

Bunside News

Two things. Grover made a commercial for kids skate camp (in progress this week, not too late to show up!) and a press release announcing Burnside’s official 503c status as a non-profit, at long last.

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Burnside: It’s for the kids, man.

Like the flyer says, bring your kids to Burnside next week(!) for lessons in skateboarding and etiquette (See potty mouth prevention.) What about a litter seminar? A little birdy told me Burnside finally has 501(c)(3) status.

Beer & Shoes

I drove by Burnside Brewery a couple weeks ago and the idea occurred to me to make a post about or at least find some way to mention it. The brewery is pretty close to the bridge, but that’s really not enough to warrant a post. ESPN reports that skatepark founders Mark Scott, Chuck Willis, and Sage Bolyard have been meeting with the founders of Burnside Brewing Company working out the details of a Burnside Skatepark brew with a portion of the proceeds going to the skatepark. Does anyone know if Nike is donating money from sales of Air Burnside shoes?

SOTW 11-14-11: Andrew Adams at Burnside

This week’s Shot of the Week is an Andrew Adams kickflip taken at Burnside by Elias Parise. It’s also the image used in the flyer for his show currently on display at FOCO Gallery in Portland.

– Thanks to Ted Schwallie for the tip. He’s got photos of the opening on Facebook.

SOTW 10-24-11: Chris White at Burnside

This week’s Shot of the Week comes from Micah Breshears, and it’s Chris White, as seen at Burnside. Much better on the enlarge-o-rama.

Get gnarly, comma, Flip.

Where is this going?

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Burnside Showdown this weekend

It’s a big weekend for Burnside. Saturday is a jam packed day of skating, raffles, contests, tacos, after parties and other fundraising activities. Sunday is a chance to lend some elbow grease with a work party. Check out the full flyers after the jump.

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White Girl Wasted

White Girl Wasted by ElleMC, shot on location at Burnside by Dave Hupp. Hip Hop dressed as punk rock. Remember when you used to be able to tell what a band would sound like just by looking at them? I’m not complaining. Shut up old man! Video after the jump.

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