Tyson the skateboarding bulldog on Oprah

Over it. Oprah and Tyson

No, not Mike Tyson the ear-biting tattoo-faced psychopath, but Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog. He’s going to be on Oprah on November 6th, and Harpo has posted a schlocky preview of it on YouTube. Oprah’s got a tight lockdown on the way her image is portrayed, right down to denying others the ability to embed the videos, so you’ll have to leave the friendly confines of Skate and Annoy to watch it directly on YouTube. She does have her finger on pulse of popular culture though. After this very timely TV appearance of the popular phenomenon known as Tyson the Skateboarding Bulldog, I hear she’s going to have exclusive animation of that dancing baby from 1997.

Ryan Sheckler's pants

Get in Sheckler’s pants

I got an email from CSS titled “Ryan Sheckler’s Must-Haves.” First I was grossed out, and then I got curious. Man they are really giving it the hard sell. Buy his crap and you can live just like him kids! Ryan Sheckler signature jeans? FREAKING AWESOME!

NYC Bubble Banks

Not so mysterious NYC street spots

This appropriately named spot is called the Bubble Banks. A reader named Mark W. pointed out that it was near the mystery spot that we found through the Disciplinary Architecture Anti-Sit Archives post. The Bubble Banks photos are from Quartersnacks.com, a NYC-centric web site that even has an online guide to various spots, complete with location, occasional direction, bust factor and visual aids. I guess in a city as big as New York it’s not a big deal to spell out all the details on spots because they are all probably blown out already. It’s not like posting an online map to something as fragile as a pool ecosystem. Check out Quartersnacks.com, named after those Little Debbie snacks you can buy for a quarter, I guess. There’s a lot of content and it looks like they put some effort into the design and concept.

New York street spot

Mystery NYC street spot

Nestled in the pictures from yesterday’s post about the Anti-Sit Archives is this mystery spot allegedly somewhere in New York City. This picture shows the banks deserted at lunch time, but don’t ask the author where it is because he’s not flowing. I’m sure it’s not a mystery to the locals. Is it possible to blow out a spot like this, never having been there, not even knowing where it is? Oops! Surely this has appeared in a magazine before. Looks fun.

Update: Quartersnacks comes through with the 411

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Exotic Magazine Burnside shoot

The other “X” games

Exotic Magazine can be found in strip clubs in the Portland area (or so I ‘ve been told, if my wife asks.) It’s pretty much an excuse to advertise strip clubs, lingerie and fetish wear, and about two pages of articles. They have a cover girl who is featured in the centerfold calendar of all the adult events for the month. The September 2007 issue appears to have been shot at a very famous skate spot in Portland. I for one, want to protest the way in which the skater in the photograph is objectified and robbed of his identity by not showing his head, as if he is just a piece of meat. It really burns me up inside.

[Source: Sleestak]

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Switch Mongo upright dog

Switch Mongo upright dog

This is part of our never ending quest to bring you the best street skating coverage. Sure he stands upright and is riding switch, but he’s got no style! Animal retard or genius? Is that a third eye? You be the judge, after the jump.

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Trifecta at Tobin's Bowl

Doppelgangers of the Oregon Trifecta

Skate and Annoy’s pro contest coverage of the rained out Battle Ground Washington leg of the Oregon Trifecta that was moved to Tobin’s backyard bowl in Portland (Whew!) comes from Shawn Reinert. I don’t think Tobin envisioned this when he built his bowl. Talk about stoked! These two pics are some of Shawn’s longer exposures that picked up flashes from the other multiple cameras present, and the results are strange. Old expanding sponge head on the left is Donovan Rice. The lien-to-tail on the six wheeled skateboard is Josh Sandoval. More weird shit and conventional pictures as well in the feature.

Check out: 2007 Oregon Trifecta – Tobin’s Bowl

Trifecta overkill day three: Battle Ground (WA?)

Trifecta overkill day three: Battle Ground (WA?)

What? You didn’t know that Battle Ground, Washington is located in Oregon? Well don’t tell anyone. Yes, the pro event got rained out and moved to Tobin’s bowl, but no, it’s not covered in this feature. It’s coming Monday. Until then you can check out the Women’s and Master’s event coverage with a little bit of the warmups for the locals and pros. That’s Jesse Nelson entertaining the crowd during the rain delay. Thanks to Shawn Reinert for the extra photos that don’t match the color balance or exposures of mine in the slightest. What can I say, I just want to make Jim Gray happy.

Check out: 2007 Oregon Trifecta – Battle Ground Washington.

Trifecta overkill day one: Portland's Pier Park

Trifecta overkill day two: Portland’s Pier Park

Yes, some sick skating went down at Portland’s Pier Park that truly left the crowd dumbfounded. Day two of our Oregon Trifecta overkill coverage is up.

Check out: 2007 Oregon Trifecta – Portland’s Pier Park.

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