JR Neves – R.I.P.

East coast favorite and former Spitfire pro JR Neves passed away saturday, still no official cause of death. This is a detail from a Brooks Fritz shot of Neves at FDR back in 2005. Be sure to check out the whole image at Skateboard-revolution.com. Deluxe has posted an old video part as well.

Spot maps online

Blown out with pinpoint accuracy

I’ve recently gotten two emails promoting different skate spot maps on the web. The idea is that you sign up and add spots in your area, and if you are traveling you can find spots on the way. I suppose the idea is useful for the casual skate tourist. Say you’re in a town on business or with family. If you got a break you could use these services to see if there is anything nearby. Of course you’re limited to what are probably the most blown out spots in the area, but it’s better than nothing if your are without a guide and don’t have a lot of time to explore. One service is a very slick one called New Breeders that’s pretty fancy, but has a some interface problems once you dig down. Also, it’s not limited to skate spots. The promo vid show surfing and bmx, so who knows what else is in there. Oh wait, I do. It’s got everything extreme!™. The second is from a web site called SubPublic, and it’s got much less eye candy, but it’s strictly skateboard related. SupPublic doesn’t require a login, but New Breeders does. What do you get for logging in? A lot more spots than SubPublic, even if you filter out the Parkour discipline. New Breeders has listings for hotels and nightlife as well. I’m not sure how they are funding this site, but they have “partnerships,” API’s and what not, so they must be trying to make money at some point. On the other hand, SubPublic lets you embed the map on your own web site with only the tiniest bit of branding. Of course it’s Google’s technology, so anyone could do it, but these guys have a head start. Check out SubPublic and New Breeders.

Drainage ditch at Kahalui airport Maui

Spot Check: Hawaii

House of Neil has some shots of a massive drainage ditch at Kahalui airport on Maui that came up in reader comments a week ago. No action shots, just landscapes.

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Happy Valley Pool in Councussion

Uncool Pools: Media Conspiracy

Do you remember the pool that Mark and I caught a lot of flack for riding repeatedly? I had to laugh when I saw a full page shot of Al Partanen in the latest Concussion – #39: The Photo Issue. Apparently Davoud and photog BK didn’t get the memo about that place not being cool. I wonder if Al is pissed? The Skateboarding media conspiracy is out to fool everyone. Just think of how many potential “uncool spots” you’ve been tricked into thinking people actually enjoyed. I included a few shots from one of the sessions we had there after the jump.

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Battle Ground Banks

But he never hurt nobody

…He just loved to live that way. And he loved to steal your money. Can you blow out a spot across the street from the Police station? Battle Ground, Washington has more interesting terrain than just a skatepark going for it.

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Portland Sentinel on Skateboarders Without Borders

There’s blowing out a spot and then there’s really blowing it out

I got back from vacation and found a free monthly neighborhood paper sitting in the pile of neglected mail. The cover story of the Sentinel is Skateboarders Without Borders. It’s about local D.I.Y. project that is not so much of a secret, but still, the article pretty much gives the exact location and shows a landmark photo that all but draws a map for you. On top of that, the author interviewed the current land owners. I heard there was a “bust” of sorts during construction but that there were no real consequences. If they weren’t already numbered, my guess is this spot is about to become extinct. I hope the guy in the interview used a fake name.

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Colin Walsh

Coolest dude ever!

Where’s Steve Bacon when you need him? You’re right. You rule dude. You must be so stoked.

your guys are fucking losers! ha, my friends and I skated this pool for the last 1/2 of summer w/ no one bothering us, so fuck you guys, you will NEVER be able to skate it

Don’t make me dig up pictures of the nude bowl…

Jake Brown competes again

Brown is back, Matt Lauer has fatherly feelings for him.

Jake Brown was on the Today Show (yesterday) and the unholy corporate alliance of NBC and Microsoft has a transcript and a video excerpt on the official Today web site. Why was he on mainstream TV again? Because he recently returned to competition (at the X Games in DubaiNo, really!) again after taking the world’s most famous slam, which of course gave them a good excuse to show it again. In the video clip you can hear Meredith Vieira’s uncomfortable noises as she watches the slam, and afterwards, for a brief few sentences Matt Lauer asks Jake if he’s OK, but the tone of his voice is like mine after my two year old takes a particularly hard spill. It’s kind of creepy. Jake returned to competition on the vert ramp, but decided to avoid the mega ramp for his maiden voyage. Wise man. Check it out. Got a Mac? The video still works even though they redirect you to a page that says your browser is unsupported. You have to click through a few extra times. I wonder why Microsoft would do that?

SF Gate - Shredding Again

Over it – Old dudes still skating

These articles about old guys who are still skating are still being generated. The latest one from the San Francisco Chronicle it titled “Shredding Again: In which we chronicle midlife skateboarders and their return, to be schooled by 6-year-olds.” It’s a fairly lengthy article, and includes the now obligatory video piece and photo gallery, except this time they managed to get a decent action shot. See above – “Joey Vela, 38, pulls a giant backside air out of one of the giant bowls at Pacifica Skatepark. Chronicle photo by Mike Kepka.” OK, they call it a backside air instead of a frontside, but it’s still an above average photo for one of these pieces, and not bad in it’s own right. Highlights of the article/video include a 45 year old relating the story of being taught how to drop in by a 9 year old kid. Also amusing are the quotes from the young kids whose turf has been invaded by the old dudes:

From the kids’ perspective, the old-schoolers are a welcomed addition to the parks. “They rock!” said Colin Dallara, 11, from Lagunitas. “They remind me of the Z-Boys; they’re really good at axle stalls.”

Yes, axle stalls. People say Tony Alva invented them, but someone in Florida did one 1968. Ha ha. At the end of the article they point to an affiliated blog that has Tommy Guerrero’s part from Future Primitives embedded from YouTube:

San Francisco was also home to one of the country’s largest skateboarding subcultures, and this subculture would produce some of the decade’s finest skaters. The beginning of a 1985 skateboarding documentary, “Future Primitive,” shows San Francisco’s Tommy Guerrero carving, ollying and sliding his way down an avenue in the Sunset District to the chords of a bluesy skateboarding ode: “Well I’m a Future Primitive, and I skate to live.”

Ah yes, the respected documentary Future Priitives… Didn’t that win an Oscar? Right. That’s also the first time I think I’ve seen “ollieing” spelled ollying. “Ollying” may follow some sort of spelling rule, but it still looks wrong. Who makes that call? Check out Shredding Again at the San Francisco Chronicle, and if you want to recap some other efforts, try these.

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