Recycled skateboards used to make a birdhouse. Add a truck and you’ve got a bird feeder. Skate and Aviary. Check out Skate:bîrd, by Florian Dohrmann. See also: Facebook. I like the bird house. Maybe I’ll make one this weekend.

[Source: Skateboard Mag on Tumblr via Selekkt] – Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.

News Flash: Vacuum Cleaner

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I prefer “Vacuum Cleaner, sucks up Budgie” As seen in the April 2010 issue of In Touch Weekly.

gordo skateboarding parrot - skateboarding budgies

Gordo the Parrot kidnapped. Budgies suspect

I sat on the story of Gordo the skateboarding parrot, but it blew up after he was kidnapped. I think the prime suspect may be the skateboarding budgies we profiled earlier. Now that they’ve got their own blog, they probably don’t want some parrot on a glorified sled stealing their thunder. It’s called Skateboarding Budgies, but you have to scroll through the most recent posts of them rocking out to get to the pictures and videos of the Budgies on Tech Decks.


Vacuum cleaner, sucks up budgie

Fingerboard industry sure has been good to all the small birds who have always dreamed of taking up the sport. Why should dogs have all the fun? The Sun has a feature on skateboarding budgies, AKA parakeets here in the U.S..

WHO-ooosh a clever boy! A budgie proudly shows off his latest cheep trick – SKATEBOARDING.
The pet is one of 13 taught to use tiny boards by budgie fan Trieste Visier, 35. It took her months – but she said at her home in Sydney, Australia, yesterday: “Training these little guys was a great deal of fun.” Her birds can even do the same skateboarding stunts as humans. OK dudes, it may not be street sport – but it’s certainly TWEET sport.

Stop it! Stop it! My sides are aching…

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