Ay, Caramba Red Rye India Pale Ale

Ay, Caramba is a red rye India Pale Ale brewed by Holy Roller in Tallinn, Estonia. Nicolas Bouvy sent this picture but declined to review it since he’s predisposed to dislike IPA’s. Me too, actually. Here in Oregon, if you go to the grocery store to buy any beer that isn’t Bud or Pabst, you’ll find a selection of about 20 IPA’s and only a handful of less hoppy choices. And yet, I still manage to cultivate a healthy beer gut. Which came first, the label or the beer name? Ay, Caramba is surely a tip of the hat to Bart Simpson, and all the labels show a heavy Jim Phillips inspiration.

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Duvel: The art of conceiving

An astronaut on a skateboard is something we’ve seen a time or two (or three). Mathieu Gielen scanned this Duvel beer coaster for you, drinking readers, and he was kind enough to translate it as well. After finding a link to Duvel, I saw that the skateboarding astronaut was also available as a beer label, poster, and beer glass as well. UPDATE: David Maes found a skateboard deck in the shape/graphics of a regular Duvel bottle.

The art of conceiving

We don’t pretend that the creation of the Duvel has been as spectacular as the first footstep on the Moon, but in 1923, this beer seemed totally innovating. A refermentation in bottle which give a colour (robe) so limpid is something for the least remarkable. And, more a beer is clear, more her taste is pure.

The flemish version has a some slight variations : the title reads “Heavenly pionneers” in place of “The art of conceiving” and there is a final sentence that is “This is simply of an intergalactic nature”. The rest is basically the same.

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Restless Years

Restless Years is pale ale from Evanston Illinois’ Temperance brewery. Aside from skateboards on a beer can, they have bragging rights as Evanston’s first and oldest brewery, dating “way back” to 2013.

– Thanks to Neil “I’d obviously rather be drinking than writing Ebay Watch” for the pics.

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R.A.C.O. Beer Boards

I don’t know much about 70’s era R.A.C.O. skateboards other than they loved to use imagery on their products, even their metal boards had some kind of photo sublimation. The collection of fiberglass boards shown here features assorted beverage logos for Schlitz, Budweiser, Olympia, Pepsi, and 7-Up. It’s almost as if R.A.C.O. was the NHS of the 70’s in terms of branded boards. We should be glad that truck hole patterns were standardized. Imagine how much of a pin in the ass it would have been to drill for trucks with a triangular pattern.

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Classic Dot Blonde Ale

A Strike Brewing collab with Santa Cruz. Looks like it’s a local product only available in NorCal. Here in Portland, talks with HUB over brewing something with a S&A or Cold War label have officially stalled.

– Thanks to Judi Oyama for photo.

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Miller Mongoloid

I wasn’t sure if this Miller beer commercial ever aired on TV, and I can’t remember how I found out about it, but I held off on posting it to see if I could record it off TV for the official S&A archives. I eventually forgot about it when it never showed up in anything I watched. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been looking through draft posts lately and this one got my attention. The original video has been deleted but a quick search turned up a replacement. According to the new and apparently original source, it didn’t air because it was shot on spec circa 2006. Devo and skateboarding in a beer commercial? A beer company would probably balk at even the hint of targeting an underage audience. How dare they assume responsible adults drink beer and skateboard! Still, stranger things have happened in the TV commercial world. This post originally had another commercial for Panasonic (What? I don’t know) that had some high profile names skating a ditch, but I can’t find it anywhere.

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Nonstop Hef Hop

Portland brewery Hopworks has traditionally been bike-centric in their marketing. Recently I heard they were trying to engage skateboarding more. I thought I saw an image of Sasquatch riding a skateboard a few weeks ago but I can’t find it. It might have had something to do with their Sasquatch Strong Ale or possibly Abominable Winter Ale. Now there’s Nonstop Hef Hop, featuring a bunch of “playtime” activities on the can, some more athletic than others, I mean seriously, corn hole? I have not seen this beer in the wild, but I’m looking forward to collecting the skateboard version of this can, even though the art direction in this series is a little sterile. What they really need to do is establish an advertising presence on some sort of local Portland-based skate blog, if such a thing exists.

– Thanks to Pete Lewis for the tip.

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Black Bear Bar Beer Bowl

We’re all adults here, aren’t we? The Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn has a bowl. You can skate for free if you’re over 21 and haven’t already been drinking. This seems like an idea that would float well in any town of a reasonably large population. There are bicycle shops and bike parks with a bar, why not skateboarding? This is a little reversed in priority, bar first, skateboarding second, but it’s still a good idea, provided there’s ample circulation to disperse the stink of good session. You might notice a couple of corporate logos in the photo above. Levi’s and Huf both had a hand in this, possibly it was used in demo somewhere and this is where the wood found it’s final home. That’s pure speculation though.

[Photo nitrohydro via NYSkateboarding. Source: Brooklyn Paper]

– Thanks to Tallboycan for the tip.


Beercan Boards

Skateboards made from recycled aluminum. There’s no guarantee it was a beer can in a past life, but Beercan Boards sound better than “Diet Pepsi can Boards.” They’ve taken the old aluminum death plank board of yesteryear and upgraded it with a channel beam which I assumed was to give it stiffness, but it turns out that’s also part of the “TruckTrax” system that allows you to micromanage your wheelbase to your OCD heart’s content. Who needs that? Downhill guys, of course. The boards aren’t even expensive compared to their wooden brethren. Right now, the corporate site only features downhill boards, but Keystone Skate Supply also has some more traditional shapes. I don’t know if those are also traditionally priced because Keystone’s web site is kind of jacked. To help preserve the ends, Beercan boards have “bottle caps” made from 100% recycled milk jugs. In the event that you do wear it out, you can recycle your recycled board and get a new one for $40. I’ve never seen one or ridden one, but the concept seems pretty solid, especially given the target audience. If I had a beef it would be that those concaves look a little clunky. It’s all made from extruded aluminum, so the concaves seem to have a very defined bend point even though the side profiles can look more organic. Replacement tips are $20 a set, which seems steep, but they are custom to each board design and I haven’t priced out the machining cost of the molds. Of course there was a Kickstarter campaign, somehow we missed that one. The video is pretty flat. Interesting that they are trying to diversify a business that makes custom auto parts. I’m not getting a vibe that these guys actually skate. For instance, there’s no pictures of anybody actually skating on these things.

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