Jerry-rigged fun

This “miniramp” setup cracks me up. It’s created from some quarter pipes made for use in the street. If the metal kick plates weren’t enough of a giveaway, the rope handles and coaster wheels behind the platform make it obvious. I love that the flat bottom is just a piece plywood laying on the grass, soon to be dirt. I’m not sure which one is going to rot away first, the plywood flat bottom or the masonite on the surface. Still, the next time I see a session there I’m going to grab my stick and ask if I can join in. Notice the coping on the right is PVC. My first ramp had PVC coping too. Come to think of it, my first ramp was also in the front yard of a rental property.


Weird Woods of Maine = Skatopia East?

Seeing this gofundme campaign from Rob Kendall reminded me of the “Weird Woods of Maine” picture I posted a couple years ago. Yes, that does look familiar. Weird Woods of Maine was the cryptic name given for the spot, which is not so cryptic anymore. Rob owns Weird Woods Skateboards. His campaign is to help finance a 5 mile skate track on the same property, which will probably be the world’s largest. 5 miles of connected transitions boggles my mind. You?

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$9000 or best offer

If you’re in the Philadelphia area and have a truck as big as the hole in your wallet, why not pick ups this bowl / spine / mini ramp combo? It looks like it’s well built and would be fun to ride. Does anyone ever actually buy giant used ramps like this? The price might be reasonable, but the whole thing is just so impractical to move. If you buy this, I think I’m out of town the weekend you’re moving it, but I should be back in time to help you ride it.


Gallagher Concrete

While poking around in some comments left at Skate DIY I saw a link to what I thought was spam based on the thumbnail image generated by Facebook, but in fact turned out to have some pretty unique skateboarding terrain built by a company called Gallagher Concrete, located somewhere in SoCal, guessing by the area code. Sure they do bowls and the like, but the stuff that caught my eye could be classified as residential private skateparks. I don’t know who these guys are but it looks like they’ve built some fun terrain. A few more pics and a video after the jump.

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I’m back…

I was out of town last week in an area with zero phone/internet access, and thus there were no posts. And now I’m back, and miracles of all miracles, I skated an honest to god vert ramp in Portland over the weekend. It’s 40 foot wide with 9.5 foot transitions and 1.5 feet of vert. Instead of kickass skate photos, I took a few of an uncooperative goat that calls this ramp home.

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Willits / Adams Bowl Pour

Adam needs your help…

Willits Bowl, A.K.A. Adam’s Bowl is a super sick DIY in Northern CA. The deck around the bowl is only half finished… The forms are set for the second section of deck, which will include a corner hip off the big quarter pipe and a Derby style berm. Now we just need a little help to pay for the mud. Many have come to shred, Few have donated to the cause. Let’s get it poured!!!

Anybody who donates is of course welcome to come out. If you don’t know where it is, I guess you’ll have to be content with watching it in videos.

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Wanted: Cinder blocks in the Portland area

I’ve been cleaning out a space in my back yard to build a small bowl under two giant pine trees, so it’s got to be above ground. If you know anybody looking to get rid of some cinder blocks (for the retaining walls), please let me know. I’m on an extra tight budget. Yes, Craig’s list. I know. This project will come together as I am able to accumulate materials, there is no schedule. I figured it was time to put up or shut up. DIY or die!


Lifestyles of people you don’t know

The Daily Mail has photos of a backyard skatepark allegedly built on the property of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Boy do I hate the Daily Mail, they’re always blowing out spots. I’m definitely not telling them about the next pool I find. I know these guys are absurdly rich but this seems like overkill, considering their kids are’t likely to progress to a point where they’re able make use of things like a cradle. What I mean is that it’s hard to progress in the isolation those kids are likely to be skating in. Am I off base here? It looks pretty nice though. Maybe they’ll be hiring pro skaters as tutors. If not, I here GVK is available. Someone out there knows who built this. Is it you?


Thrasherland to Rolling Surf

A reader named Jody sent in some pictures of blue fiberglass ramps he owns after seeing an old post here on Thrasherland. These pieces were purchased about 20 years ago in Rhode Island, and most likely came from a skatepark in Maryland called Rolling Surf. More pictures after the jump.

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