Touch Bar, I’m Sick

This is a screen cap from the Apple Special Event where they introduced the new MacBook Pros with the touch bar in October of 2016. Since they have been delinquent in sending me a review laptop, all I can tell you is that it looks pretty cool. I’m hoping they release the technology in a stand alone keyboard for those who prefer to work with double monitors, raised to eye level. Right. Skateboarding is still hip.


The Future of TV from 5 Months ago

One product featured in the Apple Event of September, 2015 was a new release of Apple TV. The live presentation had a sprinkling of skateboarding images, and the Music and Photos section of the web site currently features a healthy dose of skateboarding. I don’t have an Apple TV, but I’ve always been curious about it. Mr Cook, you know where to send the review hardware. Just look at that tag.

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iMove Downhill Action

I accidentally fired up iMovie over the weekend and was greeted with a welcome screen that featured skateboarding. It’s the first time I’ve launched it after upgrading to Mavericks. Curious that the last version of iMovie was called iMovie 11, and this one is called iMovie 10. Mini mavericks review after the jump.

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Thin Dots

Thin Dots are little stickers for your Home button on your iOS device. They have a skateboard series. Noticeably absent, SKATE AND ANNOY! Seriously, Mentality skateboards? Never heard of them. I’m sure they haven’t heard of us either.

Schmitt Stix for your Phone

Another MapleXO and Grove collaboration (see iPhone case), this time just the back piece. 100% post consumer waste provided by Paul Schmitt. Looks sharp, but not actually sharp.

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Element Case not Element Skate

Element Case (no relation) is releasing a handful of new iPhone cases with skate graphics on them. It’s basically one of three different cases with what are essentially removable hard plastic (lexan) stickers on the outside. Base prices range from $40 to $150 (!!!) depending on how high tech you want it. The more expensive ones actually look better (tip to tail, not truck to truck) but who has $100-$150 to blow on a case for a phone? Not me, dear readers. They do look nice though, and who would have guessed Pineapple Designs would have been one of the offerings? I’m still patiently waiting for the call from the lucky manufacturer who wants to license Skate and Annoy designs. How about a nice iPad case with a giant GVK face on the back? I wonder if Staab is sharing Tony hawk’s business manger. Seems like he’s got more product out now then he ever did in his heyday. Wait, maybe this is his heyday. Speaking of heyday… Holy Frank! It’s Billy Ruff in the product video? I haven’t heard anything about him in ages. (Wait.. I’m still watching.) An appearance by Brad Bowman and Steve Caballero too, plus manufacturing shots. There’s footage of the manufacturing process and a visit to the Powell factory. Ironically, the iPhone case stickers are direct screened and the Powell process shown involves heat transfers.

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Apple still hearts skateboarding

Apple’s announced a new format and authoring software for it’s textbook platform on the iPad. Ever since the Switch campaign they’ve been using skateboarding in advertising and marketing pieces for iPods, iPhones and now the iPad via iBooks textbooks. The still is from a video piece on their education web site. The skate footage is only a few seconds buried in a lengthy video, so it’s not really worth watching unless of course you want to learn more about the tablet computer that will one day rule your life. I am not trolling for a free iPad from Apple, because what I really need is a new Mac Mini. Come guys, you’re worth more than Exxon now, how about a product giveaway/review on Skate and Annoy? We are crushing the middle age Extreme!™ demographic here.

Html 5 by Bryce Kanights

Apple has some HTML 5/CSS3 demos online as their way of justifying blowing off Flash promoting Web Standards compliance in their devices like the iPad and iPhone. The typography section features a rad Bryce Kanights photo of Tony Farmer.

iPhone 4 cases made from recycled skateboards

Official recycled skateboard jewelry sponsor of Skate and Annoy, Maple XO announced limited edition iphone 4 cases made from recycled skateboards. They are pre-release right now, you can sign up to be notified when they are available. Lindsay is doing a lot over there actually. She’s got another collaboration with going with a guy who makes really high end bicycle fenders made out of wood, and in this case, laminated skateboard laminates turned on their side. Check out Maple XO.

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