Dachsund Rescue

I was peaking in the window of the Oregon Dachshund Rescue store on the weekend and snapped this grainy photo of a Dachshund Longboards poster which I thought was kind of clever until I went online and found someone (a lot of people, actually) selling illustrations by Ryan Fowler with other fake skateboarding companies named after dogs. There’s also version that says “Weiner Skateboards.”

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Moose and Squirrel, no Moose

Jeff Longo rescued a newborn baby flying squirrel. The only reason you’re looking at on Skate and Annoy is because he eventually took a picture of it standing on a fingerboard.

[Source: Laughing Squid.]


Temptations Lab Catterbox

Catterbox is a an attempt at viral marketing by Temptations, that is set up to appear like a crowd funding project for a cat collar that translates cat meows into the English language, a la the Baby Translator on the Simpsons. This leash demeans us both. I wouldn’t say that it’s super successful because when I first saw a video out of context I was more confused than anything. It was obviously a gag, but was it related to a product, a humor site or a marketing company? Having zero brand awareness of Temptations, I had to dig around to find out about the associated cat treats, something I wouldn’t have bothered with were I not writing it up for Skate and Annoy.

– Thanks to Steve Spurlock for the tip.

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Trixie, the Fur Real Friend

The best friends are Fur Real Friends: Here comes Trixie, my skateboarding pup. The crowds are gonna show up. Rockin’ poses, to do tricks so sweet! We’re a team, that can’t be beat!

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Dog & Squirrel

Who knows how long this mural has been up? I just noticed it, and it’s in my own damned neighborhood. I am a hermit. The best part of this is the crazed looking squirrel that someone decided was in need of a little nut sack. You can view the entirety of this yet unreleased Asia album cover after the jump.

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Insert “Your Llama” Joke

Upscale temporary tattoos from Etsy. Your llama is so fat…

– Thanks to Kris Van Dessel for the tip.


Bunny Bunny Bunny

I thought was battery operated toy when I first saw it, but it’s the tiniest of tiny paralyzed bunnies using a toy skateboard as a wheelchair. Don’t get too attached, it comes from a meat farm. But hey, at least it’s free range.

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Cats of 1986

Until now, I don’t think I’ve posted videos of that cat riding a skateboard. I’m not sure what I was holding out for. Maybe it was the historical perspective presented in this Cats of 1986 calendar. Last time I checked it still only reduced 30%, and was too much to pay for two images of a cat riding a skateboard. It’s really only one image, reused twice. It’s too bad they used a skateboard from 2016 for the Cats of 1986. I didn’t even realize that it said “totally radicat” instead of radical until I was downsizing the images for this post. Sigh. Mondays. Lasagna?

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Schmetz Petz

Jay Schmetz paints a lot of animals in domestic settings. In addition to a beaver brushing his teeth, he has also painted a fair amount of skateboarding creatures. Most of the animal shredders are dogs, but you’ll also find the occasional pig, cat, rabbit, elephant, cow, or sheep. If you become enamored of them you can buy various reproductions and originals. My two favorites are at the top. Something about an Elephant on a skateboard is already funny, but when you throw in a handstand… Well, that’s art!

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