Who’s Goofy?

I’m combining two goofy posts into one, featuring Goofy and Mike V. Who you calling goofy? I’m certainly not calling you goofy, Mr Vallely, Sir. What we have here are two items that are only marginally related at best, because they both feature the Disney character known as Goofy. There’s a glutton of Goofy products with skateboards, only one of which I’ve featured here before. I’ve got others on deck though. (I slay myself…) On the left, original artwork and press proofs for an 80’s era Aladin lunchbox featuring Goofy and the gang at a skatepark. On the right, someone auctioned off Mike V’s season pass to Disneyland.

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Halfpipe Skateboard Ollie Kid!!!!

I’m so excited, I’m about to wet myself. Mom, can I go on it? CAN I, CAN I, CAN I, CAN I, CAN I???? This gently used “Huge Commercial Inflatable Skate Slide~Bouncer~Halfpipe~Skateboard Ollie Kid!!!!” can be yours at a buy it now price of $3,249.99. Now’s your chance to get the halfpipe you’ve always wanted Grover! Is that an early Street League logo on the side of the ramp? What kind maneuver is that anyway?

– Thanks to Josh at BPA for the tip.

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Catch ‘n Air

These pics are from the “Catch ‘n Air” ride operated by Thomas Amusements in Newfoundland, Canada. I’d link to their site, but Google says it’s infected with malware at the time of this writing. The machine itself is manufactured by Majestic Rides in Ohio, USA.

– Thanks to Plankskate for the tip and photo.

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I’m a 2 + 2 = 4 man

Mechanical skateboard rides are the new bounce house. They come in Canadian (top) and American versions too. Photos from Extravaganza Entertainment and Galaxy Multi Rides.

– Thanks to Boy Ipoh for the tip.

Sarasota County Fair

A county fair in Florida is… so special. Where else can you find the ghetto version of Tony Hawk’s Big Spin?

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Tony Hawk's Big Spin

Tony Hawk – Still making you sick

Tony Hawk’s Big Spin has been open for a while now. It’s got to be surreal having your own amusement park ride. There’s no Michael Jordan’s Big Dunk ride out there, but you would think he would have been able to sign the contract if he wanted. Here’s two YouTube videos with two different takes on the ride. One is a guy who obsesses on amusement park rides and the other is a couple of snotty kids who just like to hear themselves say “I hate Tony Hawk.” Check ’em both out after the jump.

– Thanks to Tito for the tip.

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Tony Hawk's Big Spin

Tony Hawk makes you puke!

If you are already figuratively sick of Tony Hawk, this summer you can be literally sick of him on Tony Hawk’s Big Spin. At first I thought this picture of Tony inverted in the rendering above was just for illustration purposes, but when you watch the virtual ride through you’ll see there really is a giant rotating cutout of Tony Hawk Read more

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