Do it Yourself Skateboard Kit

Branding it as a DIY Kit is a genius way to cut costs by making the consumer put everything together, but the display packaging on this is is why you’re seeing it here. This isn’t just any fiberglass skateboard kit, it’s “Top Line.” It even comes with an instruction book, which most kids probably needed in order to figure out how to put together those open bearing wheels.

– Thanks to David Maes for the tip. [Source: Ebay]

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No dead logs

Today’s installment of vintage skateboard mag adverts includes 3 more from the July, 1977 issue of Wild World of Skateboarding, with Pro-Am wheels, California Free Former, and Santa Barbara Skateboards, promising handcrafted skateboards that are not “pultruded, molded, stamped, or a dead log!”


Lost in the Skateboard Supermarket

I added 3 new ads from the July 1977 issue of Wild World of Skateboarding, including some Lan lovelies on a sailboat, dog paw themed gloves from KIP, and one from Torque skateboards hyping a new downhill speed record and the advent of the first Skateboard Supermarket. With these additions, I have cracked the 300 threshold in the Vintage Skateboard Mag Gallery.


Behind the Scenes at Skateboard, the Movie

Alright, we’ve got special behind the scenes access to Skateboard, the movie, courtesy of this July, 1977 edition of Wild World of Skateboarding magazine.  The article seems hastily written, and does not really offer much behind the scenes action outside of some photos from the set. However, it’s got lots of  poorly written press release action. It also offers an interesting glimpse of the state of skateboarding at the time, such as the lack of “established rules of Downhill in organized competition due to the infancy of skateboarding as a spectator sport.” Apparently, all the competitions in the film were staged. I haven’t seen it in a very long time, but I recall as a kid I thought this was a sort of hybrid of documentary and drama. The tone of the article is amusing in retrospect, as it treats the movie as, well, a film and not the kitsch time capsule it turned out to be.  Pics and full article text after the jump.

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Faster, Safer, Fiberglass

Posts about the blue fiberglass ramps that were used in Thrasherland and Skateball skateparks remain some of the most popular on Skate and Annoy. Stephen Smith was trolling the site and remembered he had saved an old flyer for the Great Bay Skatepark of Newington, New Hampshire:

I went there in the summer of 78 or 79 while on vacation with the folks from Nova Scotia. We got there at like 3 in the morning and all slept in the car so I could go skating as soon as it opened up. What a blast, great memories! Also while at the World Freestyle comp a few weeks ago , I chatted with old school East coast skate legend Bert Mathieson and he had skated there back in the day too. I got the flyer at the pro shop there.

As you can see, as well as “faster and safer,” the Great Bay Arena claimed to be the world’s first indoor fiberglass skatepark. I’m imagining a guy behind the counter at the pro shop mumbling to himself as he crosses off the incorrect session times and rewrites them by hand. He probably stole a coke that day because he was so annoyed.


Fun, action and excitement

Tyrie Smith found this old skateboard ad for Steve’s South Bay Sporting Goods in the 1976 Marvel Two-in-one comic book with the Thing and Ka-Zar. Fortunately for Skate and Annoy’s readers, Tyrie’s barber shop has a stack of comic books laying around. Steve’s South Bay also advertised in skateboard magazines. Hey gang! Here’s a chance to bring all the fun, action  and excitement of skateboarding to your front door!

– Thanks to Tyrie Smith for the tip

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Vintage Skateboard Scene Ads-nausem

On this the seventh installment of vintage skateboard magazine ads, the two most interesting additions are for Skateboards Hot Gear, mainly for the illustration, and Fireball Hot Wheels, which possibly predate G&S Rollerballs, although I can’t confirm that yet. The also-rans include Skateboard Rider SkateshopFurley and Baker Skateboard RangeSouthern Skateboard Centre, and Truckstop.


Vintage Skatescene Ads continued

There are seven new additions to the Skatescene #1, 1977 gallery, including Surf Spot Mail OrderSteve Daniel Skateboards, StatesideMaxwell DesignsFreedom Surf Supplies, and Bristol Skate Centre in color and black & white.


Still More Skateboard Scene Ads

In this round, not one, but two ads for Alley Cat, some very boring text-only ads from Cardiff Skateboard Shop, and Dolphin Skateboards, plastic skateboards from Alpine Sports, and the creepy, faceless skateboarder of the South London Skateboard Centre.

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