Spunk for $44

Ebay watch is dead. Long live Ebay Watch! Issue #5 of Spunk, is something that probably would have made the miscellaneous section. It’s a bit of a shocker to me to see that this went for $44. The postmark on the back cover shows that it was mailed from Delaware in October of 1984. This particular issue was sent to the folks at Transworld, which had been in publication for about a year and a half at the time. The seller took some fuzzy pics of the entire issue of Spunk, so they aren’t really up to the quality that I like to post in the Zine Archives. You can check them out here after the jump. He might have worked at Transworld for a while, as some of his other auctions seem like production artifacts forms the magazine. lots of cartoons in this issue. The rockabilly hairdo is a good one.

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80’s Zine Gallery: Contort #7

It’s been a while since I updated the 80’s Skate Zine gallery, so here’s Contort #7 from some time in the mid to late 80’s. Theres no date listed, but both MC’s Bodyslam and Skate and Annoy are listed/reviewed so I’m guessing ’88 or ’89.


Pure Fun #11

I completely spaced on posting the release party for Pure Fun #11 that featured none other than the Johnny Rad. So you’ve all missed the release party but you can still grab a copy of Pure Fun. The latest issue is 36 professionally printed and saddle stitched pages of photos, interviews, reviews and articles, including Awake Zine, Tod Swank, Johnny Rad, and Mike Vallely. 3 lucky people out of the first 100 orders will receive a free bonus copy of Bonus Brigade from Powell Peralta. I don’t even know what Bonus Brigade is… (Now I do. It’s a 175 minutes of footage and extras not used in the Bones Brigade documentary. Interesting…) Get yours here.

P.S. Publishing your own zine? Don’t forget to get yours listed on SkateZines.com.


Gulf Coast Skate Review V.2 #5

In light of a recent gaffe concerning Gulf Coast surfing conditions, here’s some Gulf Coast luv from 1988. Gulf Coast Skate Review.

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Stop Skate Harassmnet #4

Stop Skate Harassment #4 from 1983

This issue is 68 pages! Just reading it takes a long time, let alone scanning and reformatting it. It must have cost a small fortune to print and taken months to compile. Stop Skate Harassment #4 is an impressive time capsule of 1983 skate/punk culture. I don’t know how many issues came out, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they gave it up after this one.

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New web site from the co-creator of Skate and Annoy – SkateZines.com is a simple directory of current skate zines and where to get them. Please do not confuse this with a gallery, its just a listing, plain and simple. If you’d like to get the latest issue of your zine, or anyone else’s for that matter, (print, pdf download or online) listed, just drop by the contact page. Please help spread the word!

I imagine there will be a redesign coming, but I just wanted to get it up and running, as I’ve had the domain name registered for a few years now. Eventually I’ll pull the most recent image from SkateZines.com and display it linked here on the sidebar of S&A, so zines will get double exposure.


Who sent these scans?

At some point a few years back I had to switch email clients, and protocols from SMTP to IMAP, as my OS evolved, I can no longer open the old archived Eudora Email, plus it got corrupted anyway. I did find some scans of a Skate Straight zines in the attachments folder, which I’m sure were meant for the Zine Gallery. I’d like to be able to credit the collector when I do post them, so let me know if it was you, or if you know who put this out. Looks like it was out of Dayton, Ohio. I know this is a long shot, but stranger things have happened. One of the creators posted 9 out of 10 issues in the BMX Society forum but you have to pay for an account that will let you respond or download attachments. I wonder how that is working out for them. Probably keeps most of the riffraff out.

American Anarchy #6

American Anarchy #6

1986 out of Hinsdale, Illinois

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I code for you

I’ve been working on porting some of the old static HTML content into the WordPress powered back end. The latest addition is the old Galleries section. Most of the work was in figuring out how to make the old format fit, and now that’s done. Well… mostly. There are a few things that need to be tightened down, but it’s good enough to start filling in the massive hole. It actually goes pretty fast. Last night I put up four issues in the 80’s Skate Zine collection, including Freezine #11, Chi-Town Shred #5, Harsh Vibes #2 and Concrete Crusaders #2.

UPDATE: Added #13, Skate Cool #1, Contort #2 and Exotic Pets #6.

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