ISkate Ikea spoof

Welcoming Session Killer to the site as a new sponsor, that is in no way whatsoever just me with a new paypal account. Help support Skate and Annoy, go buy this shirt that is so clever it will make you want to punch me in the face. If you could buy a miniramp kit from Ikea, you can bet that it would be cheap, look sorta nice, and then fall apart after 6 months. $25 post paid in the USA.


101 vintage adverts with improvements

With the addition of this latest Roller Sports ad from 1975, there’s now 101 vintage skatemag advertisements in the gallery. It’s also easier to sort through the various companies and products available. I’ve added (8) dropdown menus that are visible on the top and bottom of the archive pages as well as at the bottom of single ad pages, underneath comments. I plan on refining the way the previews show up on the archive pages, I’ll probably make the thumbs smaller, possibly ditch the categories and show more per page. Right now they show up just like a blog post, with the latest addition at the top of the page. Use the dropdown menus to sort by company, rider, product type, year, decade, magazine, specific magazine issue, and photographer when credited. At 101 ads, I’m still not finished with the two issues of Transworld and Skateboarder magazine that I’ve taken them from. So far it’s only 70’s and 80’s, but eventually I’ll add some from the 90’s as well.

Check out the ski trainer in this Roller Sports ad. I wish there were better pictures of it. I guess I could troll issues of ski magazines from 1975 to see more.


Vintage Skateboard Magazine Advert Gallery

I’ve been working on a new addition to the Galleries section of Skate and Annoy. It’s an archive of advertisements from old skateboard magazines. The goal is to cover the 60’s through the 90’s. It’s been interesting going through these old magazines, finding things I’d forgotten about and other I still have no idea ever existed, like the Brian Martin pro model on Action Sports Skateboards. It’s funny to see some of the ads that the smaller companies put out in hopes of breaking into the industry. Like everything on the site, it’s a work in progress. I’ve scanned about 300 ads so far and uploaded only 64, but now that the mechanism is in place it’s really easy to add new ones. There are other ad archives out there, most notably the one at Cal Streets, which I profiled in 2008. They’ve since changed they way their gallery is presented, but it’s still a hefty one. I decided to make one for S&A because I have OCD, and I don’t like having to search/link on other sites when doing “research” for posts here. Plus those other galleries aren’t organized how I’d want them.

What works so far: Everything is tagged by company, rider, product type, year, decade, magazine, magazine issue, and photographer if they are credited. So if you want to sort through ads by any one of those taxonomies, you can.

Things that need work: The navigation and layout is a little clunky right now, and likely will be for the time being while I concentrate on adding new ads. Some of the scans are not the greatest quality. I tried using one of those sheet fed scanners (Brother) and it just doesn’t do a very good job a lot of the time. After I run through the ads that I’ve already scanned (rescanning some of the worst offenders) I’ll be switching to a different scanner. I’d like to add an advanced search so you could do something like search of all ads from Z Products from the 80’s, or all ads with Jason Lee riding for Blind.

PLEASE leave some feedback on ways to improve, keeping in mind that there will be other decades and magazines to be added. Now go visit the Vintage Skateboard Magazine Advert Gallery

– Kilwag


RE-Born Ugly

I was a big fan of Born Ugly zine out of Richmond Va, and their seemingly herculean efforts to produce a well made, entertaining and most importantly, highly original skate zine based on what I assumed was an amazing, vibrant scene based only on copies of Born Ugly. Well, all herculean things must come to an end, and so it was with Born Ugly. I noticed it had been a while since I’d seen a new issue, so I went to the web site to check it out, and the domain name had lapsed. Actually, what probably happened is that someone was looking for the C.R.E.T.E. graphic and S&A came up in a web search. I got a couple emails from different people asking if I still had the graphic because the web site was down. I figured it was just a temporary thing, but I guess not. In case you’re interested, I still have that graphic if you want to print your own shirt for a DIY fundraiser. A couple weeks ago I got an email from Mickael Broth, half the team that brought you Born Ugly. He was looking for an outlet to continue a column he used to do called “Fucked Up Friday Night (A Beer Review).” What can I say? I’m a huge fan of Born Ugly, I couldn’t possibly resist. CHECK IT OUT.

UPDATE: It would help if I actually published the review! Way to go Otto, way to get fired from your job in a big way…. This time for real… CHECK IT OUT (Sorry Mickael)


Broken Kingpins

Many ages ago, when Skate and annoy was but a mere print zine printed on a stolen copy machine with a circulation hovering between 200-300 copies per issue, Broken Kingpins was the name of the section that was sort of similar to Thrasher’s On Board Trash. During our golden Interwebs age I resurrected the name in a few a post titles that were a miscellany of unrelated skateboarding news items, right about the time I was trying to bury Antigravity Press and Earth Patrol Media through sheer number of posts… a war of attrition. Well, I tricked Mark into posting here on S&A off an on for years, and Rich will tell you there was never any contest (but we crushed him anyway!) From now on Broken Kingpins is a section of the web site where I post things that aren’t going to make it to the front page of Skate and Annoy because I don’t feel like commenting or they otherwise aren’t worthy of being on the front page. It’s not that the content, or video, or news item isn’t interesting or engaging, or put together by people whose full time job is to create highly polished skateboarding content (unlike Skate and Annoy…) It’s just that I don’t have the time/motivation/desire to think of something interesting to say about it, or possibly it’s just video footage upchucked by the bro network of pr. Because you know, the rest of the content here is so thoroughly engaging… right? RIGHT????? The new (old) Broken Kingpins is basically a bunch more stuff to waste more time looking at, a shallow attempt to gain web traffic. It’s in the top navigation now, and the last 10 posts can be found linked in the sidebar by title.

The photo above is one of several boxes of old skate parts (and literally, broken kingpins) that I have accumulated in my basement over the years. There’s some interesting stuff in there. BTW – If you’re a regular site reader/commentator on S&A, I could always use help “curating” these posts. Unlike the rest of the site, no photoshop skills necessary.

P.S. The competition between web sites? I kid! (fingers crossed behind my back) In any case, both of those guys actually skate more than me….


Back from vacation

I just spent another week in a town with a perpetually flat ocean and yet every third retail store serving the tourist trade has a few mint condition surfboards on the walls, ceiling, or in the window. Must be a city ordinance. I’ve been coming here for almost 10 years during different times of the year and I’d venture to guess that every day in Oregon would beat the surf conditions here on any day, water temperature excluded. In any case, I’m back from vacation. Regular transmissions from Skate and Annoy will resume shortly, although there will be no travel documentary as I’m approaching the half point in a recent tendon tear recovery via DOS Trusty Bowl. Didn’t even pack the (skate)board.


Hey asshole, knock it off!

Somebody in Kansas / Missouri trying to hack into the site. What’s your problem buddy?

Skate and Annoy Resdesign

2014 redesign

Whoo boy! So I’ve been busy in my free time since the winter holidays, working on the redesign of Skate And Annoy. It’s not quite done yet, but I’m getting sick of turning it on “maintenance mode” at night and weekends while I work on this. There are definitely a few bugs and some things that are not working too well, like the top navigation drop downs, which looks about as nice as a Nash Executioner. I’m embarrassed about them right now, actually. Also, for those of you on iPads and iPhones, I haven’t gotten to the responsive design layout yet, but it is definitely a priority. The biggest chunk of the work was in the back end, consolidating 4 themes, stylesheets and templates that were often redundant and were getting a little bit out of control. Speaking of css style sheets, don’t look at this one yet… At some point I got tired of managing it during development so I just started tacking things on at the end. It will be cleaned up and minified for faster downloads. What, doesn’t everyone who reads this site write their own php/html/css?

So love it or not, it’s here to stay for while. I think the last redesign was in 2010. Please feel free to leave (constructive) criticism as well as bug reports, and pardon our dust as construction continues.


I code for you

I’ve been working on porting some of the old static HTML content into the WordPress powered back end. The latest addition is the old Galleries section. Most of the work was in figuring out how to make the old format fit, and now that’s done. Well… mostly. There are a few things that need to be tightened down, but it’s good enough to start filling in the massive hole. It actually goes pretty fast. Last night I put up four issues in the 80’s Skate Zine collection, including Freezine #11, Chi-Town Shred #5, Harsh Vibes #2 and Concrete Crusaders #2.

UPDATE: Added #13, Skate Cool #1, Contort #2 and Exotic Pets #6.

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