I’m still here

Ahh… 2009. Much unlike the Tony Hawk Ride video game franchise, I’m still here, just busy. Fortunately for Tony, the Ride network has faired better.


Skateboard Kidz

You’re looking at a computer game called Skateboard Kidz for the Spectrum (Sinclair) computer. The game was released in 1988 according to World of Spectrum, which would explain why it came on a cassette tape. Yes, that’s right, you used to have to load computer programs on some home computers via a cassette tape deck. Skateboard Kidz was made by Silverbird Software in the UK, and as such, all the radical 80’s dialect has a distinctly English accent. You can hear it yourself because the program files are downloadable from several places on the web, and if you don’t have a 25 year old computer, you can run it in a web browser with a Javascript MESS emulator. (FYI – Emulator does not seem to work with Safari.)

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Awesome Earl in SkateRock by Share Data

Awesome Earl in SkateRock

Does anyone remember Awesome Earl in SkateRock, circa 1988? He was supposed to be the sart of a franchise, with many other adventures “coming soon.” It’s a curious title for a video game. I imagine somebody in marketing picked up a copy of thrasher and randomly appropriated a feature title. SkateRock is a side scroller where you are supposed to avoid obstacles in order to “Join the coveted ranks of the Slime Rat Skaters!” That quote comes from a the game description online, but it’s not actually listed anywhere in the packaging that comes with the version I have. Inside the box there’s nothing more than a 5.25″ floppy, a very short instruction page, and a warranty card. I didn’t actually own this game in 1988, It wouldn’t have run on my Apple IIe. I own it now because I have poor impulse control. Radical! Bigger photos and screen captures from game play after the jump.

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720 Soundtracks

I was checking out a 7″ cover of the 720 soundtrack released by a band called Metronome the City, trying to track down an original that wasn’t on eBay, and of course I stumbled on a bunch of other time wasting distractions. Ahh… Interwebs™. Let me count the ways that I love you.

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We’ve come a long way

Here’s an episode of the 1986 show Computer Chronicles featuring a suit from Electronic Arts talking about the latest, greatest in computer games, Skate or Die, available for the Commodore 64.

– Thanks to Stephen B for the tip.

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As seen on AFV

I’m unclear as to whether or not this XBox commercial ever aired or not. It looks kind of low budget, and I can’t believe a skateboard commercial for such a high profile client would have gone unnoticed by, well, me. Maybe it was online only, or something they wanted to see conceptually before they decided to air it. The director Billy Paul has two first names… What? Oh yeah. He said he had to act out the storyline in front of a bunch of Microsoft execs to convince them shoot it. As you can see by the look on the faces of the guys bottom right, things get a little dicey on that rail. But don’t worry, things work out in the end.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.

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Shaun White Skateboarding trailer

Here’s the official trailer for the forthcoming video game Shaun White Skateboarding.
There are some folks that think it’s going to be revolutionary, but I’m more of the mindset that developers are running out of evolutionary steps to make skateboarding video games different. Fortunately, they aren’t running out of ways to make exciting commercials. One interesting thing, it’s his first skateboarding game and he doesn’t even make an appearance in the trailer.

– Thanks to Eric Cherry for the tip.

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The hundredth iteration of this game

At this point I think there must be a place that sells the logic board for this type of LCD game intact for finishing and repackaging as you see fit. I think I may have picked this up from the dollar bins at Target. Gameplay: Things come down the road and you push buttons to avoid them. Very boring. Kind of funny considering you used to have to pay upwards of $70 ($20 from 1977 adjusted for inflation) for the same programming logic with less interesting graphics. Yes. I’m talking about Mattel Electronics handheld games. Instead of a 2 dimensional LCD silhouette, you were stuck with LED blips. How did those old handheld games cost? I want to say around $20, but it might have been $35 or so. There was no skateboard version, but it was the same game as Auto Race. Aesthetics did pay tribute to Mattel Electronics with a board series. I like them because I’m nostalgic for old toys (HELLO!!!!!!!) but I’m pretty sure these are just lifted straight from the old advertisements.

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Skate 3 TV commercial

I happened to catch this commercial on TV about an hour after the behind the scenes Spohn Ranch footage of the shoot was pulled from YouTube. My guess it the folks at EA didn’t want it detracting from the original, or something vague like that.

– Thanks to Vince for the tip.

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