Behind the Scenes at Skateboard, the Movie

Alright, we’ve got special behind the scenes access to Skateboard, the movie, courtesy of this July, 1977 edition of Wild World of Skateboarding magazine.  The article seems hastily written, and does not really offer much behind the scenes action outside of some photos from the set. However, it’s got lots of  poorly written press release action. It also offers an interesting glimpse of the state of skateboarding at the time, such as the lack of “established rules of Downhill in organized competition due to the infancy of skateboarding as a spectator sport.” Apparently, all the competitions in the film were staged. I haven’t seen it in a very long time, but I recall as a kid I thought this was a sort of hybrid of documentary and drama. The tone of the article is amusing in retrospect, as it treats the movie as, well, a film and not the kitsch time capsule it turned out to be.  Pics and full article text after the jump.

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Joe Strummer Says the word “Skateboard”

It’s Joe Strummer hanging out in an unidentified West London skatepark (UPDATE: It’s Meanwhile Gardens) during an interview that took place some time between 1988 and 1991. Footage from the same interview also appears in the 2007 Joe Strummer documentary The Future is Unwritten, which I haven’t actually seen yet, but maybe it lists the source in the credits. This particular digitization is pretty rough. If anyone finds clearer footage and can identify the source please let me know.

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Brooke McCarter R.I.P.

Brooke McCarter died from a genetic liver disorder yesterday. To pedestrians he is best known as a vampire in the Lost Boys, but skateboarders of a certain age will recognize him from his supporting roll as a Ramp Local in Thrashin’.

[source: People. Photos: Left – Lost Boys Sanctuary, Right – Chiveta]

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We Are Blood Portland Premier

We Are Blood is a film by Ty Evans that celebrates “the universal bond created by the simple act of skateboarding.” In case you’re thinking you’ve heard and seen that before, this is the first skate feature shot in 4K ultra HD. The “massive sound and amazing visuals” were meant to be experienced in a theater. This is not your usual low rent screening of a skate video you might be accustomed to watching in aging arthouses an dingy brew and view theaters. Even Thrasher is impressed. If you can believe it, We are Blood is being screened at the Empirical Theater in the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

We are Blood screens on September 1st in the Empirical Theatre at OMSI (1945 SE Water Ave, Portland) Watch the trailer here.


dead body

A dead body found in a skatepark, as seen in the trailer for the 2013 film Blood. Another post I was sitting for years, and for no apparent reason. Apparently even in Europe the skateparks attract a bad element.

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Laser Unicorns: Kung Fury

Check out this trailer for a short film called Kung Fury. There’s a little skateboard action in the beginning that sets the tone for this flick really quick. It was a kickstarter project and now it’s in production. The only bad thing I can say about Kung Fury is that it’s only going to be around 30 minutes long when completed. It should be a full length feature!

– Thanks to MC for the tip.

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Screening: Ultimate Flex Machine and Skater Dater

The Hollywood Theater is showing to 16mm skateboarding films on Monday, February 16 at 7:00 pm in Portland, Oregon. Tickets are only $5 so that’s a no brainer if you’re on the fence. You’ve probably seen Skater Dater before, but you’ve not likely seen the Australian film Ultimate Flex Machine. These prints are owned by Stephen Slappe, and they are only shown every couple of years in order to prevent wear and tear. Both of these films had theatrical releases, Skater Dater in 1965 and Ultimate Flex machine in 1975. Slappe’s print of Ultimate Flex Machine is in especially good condition, and he’s got a newer print of Skater Dater than he had previously shown. Slappe has a couple of short mystery reels that will also be included in the show. You can check out larger versions of the posters for Ultimate Flex Machine as well as some stills after the jump. See you at the Hollywood on Monday!

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Blue Surf-ari

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a Saturday Starrs post. This is a clip from the 1967 film Blue Surf-ari, archived and digitized by noted surf/skate historian and photographer Scott Starr.

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Merchandising of memory

The two works are Unknown Pleasures and Closer. And that’s it. Everything else, is merchandising. Merchandising of memory.

Chances are,if you see anything with the name Joy Division on it that isn’t music, a book or a movie, it’s a bootleg. The quote above is from the 2007 documentary Joy Division which you can (and should) watch for free on Hulu, at least for now. The quote appears in the last few minutes of the film and the speaker is off camera so I’m not sure who it is. The image of a Joy Division inspired skateboard is superimposed over a famous band photo for a few brief seconds during the quote, which I thought was an unusual choice. It could have been used as commentary on Joy Division’s cultural appeal spanning the decades from the 70’s to the new millennium, implying the music is still modern. They might have chosen a skateboard because it looked more interesting than a bootleg t-shirt. Then again, maybe the skateboard in question was designed by an astronomy fan.

REVISION: The Hacienda sells licensed Joy Division coffee cups. Err… right.

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