Gold Medal Stinkbug

Gold Medal boys sport socks, found at a Goodwill store by MC. Hold on, fits shoe size 3-9??? Streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch!

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Delayed bladder maturation in skateboarders

Congratualtions son, your photo is going to be used on some product packaging! Millions of people will see it and you’ll be famous! You’re looking at DryNites sleep diapers for rippers and bed wetters aged 8-15. They were spotted (tee hee!) in the Prisma supermarket in Kuopio, Finland. It’s a serious problem that some kids have. These are no doubt super helpful, but they didn’t need to traumatize the kid on the package> He’s surely going to be ridiculed, no matter how many radical (or upside down) skateboarding silhouettes are on the bag. The product is sold in 21 countries, but the US isn’t one of them. There are lots of active lifestyle and bedtime pics on the DryNites sites, but I can’t be expected to go through them thoroughly searching for skateboards because I have to go to the bathroom.

– Thanks to Nicolas Bouvy for the photo

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Nonstop Hef Hop

Portland brewery Hopworks has traditionally been bike-centric in their marketing. Recently I heard they were trying to engage skateboarding more. I thought I saw an image of Sasquatch riding a skateboard a few weeks ago but I can’t find it. It might have had something to do with their Sasquatch Strong Ale or possibly Abominable Winter Ale. Now there’s Nonstop Hef Hop, featuring a bunch of “playtime” activities on the can, some more athletic than others, I mean seriously, corn hole? I have not seen this beer in the wild, but I’m looking forward to collecting the skateboard version of this can, even though the art direction in this series is a little sterile. What they really need to do is establish an advertising presence on some sort of local Portland-based skate blog, if such a thing exists.

– Thanks to Pete Lewis for the tip.

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Framed at Target

Do you have enough gallery frames? You know, they are room, nay, lifestyle essentials. Target sells a lot of frames, and several of them have kids with skateboards. There’s also a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off looking casual longboard dude.

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Luxe Bearings iPhone Case

Luxe Bearings in an iPhone case

I know nothing about Lux Trucks, except they seem to have materialized out of thin air from Epic Distribution. We’ve seen a lot of interesting, gimmicky packaging for bearings over the years, usually in the form of a toy, but this is the first time all that extra plastic might actually be useful. Luxe Bearings come with a free iPhone 5s case, which is pretty cool idea, even if the case itself is uninspired. It’s interesting what it says about the market share of (or public mind share) of smart phones: Suck it, Android and Windows Mobile!

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Despicable Cheetos

The last frame of the Cheetos triptych, where Chester Cheetah is sharing his ride with a minion from Despicable Me 2

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Undershirts are.. syllable a way from underpants, which would make this post even creepier. Some people go on vacation and take pictures of the scenery. MC travelled to NYC on a whirlwind tour of skateparks and Target stores and came back with this.

And the product is…

This came to me via Spencer at SRC Bypass. So what is it?

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I’ve seen a lot of crappy skateboard renderings tacked on to products as an afterthought, but this one looks like the artist actually had an affinity for our favorite pastime. I can’t figure out what animal this is. I thought it was a monkey, but there’s no tail. There’s also no other skateboard related pictures inside. It’s kind of amusing that they call out the fact that it’s a shaped coloring book. They basically just punched out a regular coloring book. You can tell because a lot of the images are cut off. How’s that for investigative reporting?

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