Just an old guy skateboarding

KOMO News has recurring feature called Eric’s Heroes, and this one is about Bellevue, Washington police officer Craig Hanauma. Craig plays the trombone, teaches jujitsu, and skateboards with the kids. It’s community outreach, but I’m pretty sure he not-so-secretly enjoys it. The pics above are stills from the KOMO video, except the bottom right, which is from Craig Hanaumi’s Instagram feed. About this appearances at skateparks, he says that besides his uniform, he’s just an old guy on skateboard.

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Seven Samurai Nissan Noodles

Do you want to see a guy in a samurai costume exhibiting professional levels of skills in surfing, soccer and other pastimes, like say… skateboarding? Bowl and street skills, no less. If so, look no further than this Nissan foods commercial for Samurai Noodles.

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Hybrid Snow-Skate

This is sort of, one of the more interesting ways companies spend money building fun things to try to make you more inclined to buy their products that are unrelated to skateboarding. It’s not the best one from Mountain Dew, but the Super Snake hybrid snowboard / skateboard course looks fun enough. It’s mostly just parallel courses,but there is a chance for some interaction between disciplines. You can watch a trailer for a 22 minute short film that will be televised nationally on ABC, Sunday, October 16. Headlining pros are skateboarder Sean Malto and snowboarder Danny Davis. Corporate schilling over.

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Skateboarder dies in Indian School Ditch

Wear your helmets kids. [Source: WKOB, Albuquerque]


Jan and Dean Sidewalk Surfin’

Jan and Dean’s 1964 song Sidewalk Surfin’ is pretty much the first skatesploitation song. I haven’t actually researched that, Doc Skaterock probably knows for sure. It’s easily the most famous one. As a young lad I remember buying a cutout Jan & Dean greatest hits compilation on cassette tape just because of this song. Before we were exposed to the larger world of punk rock and skate rock, we actually used to derive a bit of stoke from this cheesy tune, and later on would bust it out for a laugh and some nostalgia.

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Rich Eisen falls off Tony Hawk’s skateboard

What’s a Rich Eisen? He’s a guy with a sports talk show who got a skateboarding lesson from a man who needs no introduction. Shortly after this clip was uploaded, an intern was fired for forgetting to turn on the deinterlace option.

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Midwest Skateboard Terrorists from the 80’s

Here’s an excellent time capsule of skateboard harassment from a local Springfield Illinois news channel concerning a proposed ban on skateboarding downtown. Local business and civic leaders speak out against “skateboard terrorists” in advance of the ban, which ultimately passed. The video was digitized from a decrepit old VHS tape, so there are tracking issues and the sound doesn’t always sync right, but it’s still a good watch. One of the skateboarders makes a reasonable request for a public skatepark to serve the needs of the population, and they did get one after only 25 years.

– Thanks to Nick Rudd for the tip.

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Not in my backyard?

Northeast Bend, Oregon skaters are stoked to get a new skatepark in Rockridge park, but not too stoked on the proposed Evergreen design, described as a “lunar landscape.” Here’s the thing, they just want a regular skatepark, and not a throwback to some terrain not really seen since the 70’s. I remember similar pushback to the modern snake run that was supposed to happen in Gabriel Park. In the end the design changed on the fly during construction and we got the best of neither worlds. However, Gabriel Park is still a fun park with a lot to offer. The Rockridge park design is unique, and would probably be a lot of fun to ride, but it won’t offer the typical skatepark experience. Northwest skatepark building companies have traditionally been on the forefront of unique designs and features, but there will always be those that just prefer predictable reliability. How do we balance the risk? Will locals adapt and enjoy? We won’t know for sure until it gets built. Would I want this if it was the only skatepark in my area? It probably wouldn’t be my first choice. In addition to an existing skatepark this lunar landscape, Bend is also planning a smaller skate spot.

[Source: KTVZ ]

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Skater Sumo on Clarence

Clarence is one of my favorite shows on TV. That’s favorite shows, not just cartoons. I’ve been anticipating a skateboarding episode since the show premiered. In the second season it’s finally happened with episode 9 titled “Skater Sumo.” Ryan “Sumo” Sumozski is Clarence’s friend, not a Japanese wrestler. When some girls from school show up with new skateboards he flips out with envy. Sumo’s large family is cash strapped, so he has to make his own. Clarence has his own issues, and sticks to rollerblading. Will Sumo leave his best friend behind? This is the best portrayal of skateboarding in a cartoon that I’ve ever seen. It captures the pure joy of being young on a skateboard for the first time, and at the same time it’s aware of skateboarding culture in today’s world. You can catch a couple previews over at Cartoon Network. If you don’t get Cartoon Network you should resist to the urge to watch the bootleg clips on Youtube because none of them are complete and they will ruin the experience of watching the entire episode unfold organically. Try to find a way to watch this intact if you can. There’s bunch of stills after the jump.

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