It’s Getting Weird

Normally I might push this post off to the Broken Kingpins section without comment but the Tubuloids video for It’s Getting Weird connected with me on a primal level. I think GVK missed his calling. Their album on Beer City Records doesn’t come out until October, but you can preorder it now.

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Jan and Dean Sidewalk Surfin’

Jan and Dean’s 1964 song Sidewalk Surfin’ is pretty much the first skatesploitation song. I haven’t actually researched that, Doc Skaterock probably knows for sure. It’s easily the most famous one. As a young lad I remember buying a cutout Jan & Dean greatest hits compilation on cassette tape just because of this song. Before we were exposed to the larger world of punk rock and skate rock, we actually used to derive a bit of stoke from this cheesy tune, and later on would bust it out for a laugh and some nostalgia.

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Tiny Dinosaur Jr.

Apparently J. Mascis is not over it, and has taken to skateboarding in a music video again. The Dinosaur Jr. video for “Tiny” looks like it was shot at the Northampton, MA skatepark. Aside from J. pushing around the park, there’s also a skateboarding dog and some roller derby action. It’s decent tune that will stick in your head, but the dog is not impressed at the end.

– Thanks to Tom Tallboycan for the tip

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Tacocat: Hey Girl

Old school analog stop action animation and old school 90’s Riot Grrrl music going way back to… oh, 2014. Skateboarding! She’s no Maria McKee. ( Looks for crosslink on Skate and Annoy with Lone Justice video of Ways to be Wicked with Maria McKee on a skateboard, doesn’t find it, rectifies situation in this post. )

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Devil Inside

Ah yes… INXS 6th album Kick, with the infamous Psycho Stick on the cover and minimal skateboarding featured in the video for Devil Inside. You’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it., but what about this little pin with the skateboarding devil on it? Looks like it came form Pee Wee’s Playhouse. Not exactly rare or unknown, but it’s never made an appearance here on S&A, and you know I like to be thorough.

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California Christmas

California Christmas by Manafest, a guy who kind of looks and sounds like the guy from Workaholics. Coming up next on Yo S&A Raps!

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Surf MC's - Surf or Die

Surf or Die

This is the Surf MC’s album Surf or Die that came out on Profile records in 1987. It’s pretty awful stuff, but the video has decent art direction with a little bit of Pee Wee’s Playhouse and a lot of Stacy Peralta and Craig Steyck. At first I thought it was a music video that Peralta would rather forget, but they used Skull Skates boards instead of Powell Peralta.

– Thanks to Heath for the record and Johnny Sampson for the tip.

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Hot Lunch: She Wants More

New video from San Francisco’s Hot Lunch for the song She Wants More. Catch it after the jump.

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Piccola Pupa – The Skate Board Song [1965]

Thanks to the Facebook-Site “Skateboarding Hall o Fame” for finding that rare video from 1965, featuring italian-born Piccola Pupa on the microphone and Wendy Bull on the skateboard.

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