2017 Vans Pool Party Edit

Once again, courtesy of Dan Bourqui.

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A History of Skateshoes

Simple Footwear presents a brief history of skate shoes. Yes, the timeline goes past 1997. It’s a pretty lightweight history, certainly no Made for Skate, but is interesting in that a Simple shoe does not appear on that timeline, and they paid a guy to make vector illustrations of 44 shoes from other companies.

Thunderbird Road Surfer, Bagged and Tagged.

Just a run of the mill 60’s era steel wheeled skateboard that probably wouldn’t be shown here were it not for the fact that it’s still in the original packaging. Moen & Patton was a toy company primarily known for it’s roller-skates, but they made other toys as well. I’ve seen mention of their toy golf clubs as early as 1948. It looks like the used the Road Surfer as a descriptor in place of the word skateboard. Road Surfer appears on other Moen & Patton boards as well, and they eventually got around to screen printing a logo on top.

– Thanks to David Maes for the tip.

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Do it Yourself Skateboard Kit

Branding it as a DIY Kit is a genius way to cut costs by making the consumer put everything together, but the display packaging on this is is why you’re seeing it here. This isn’t just any fiberglass skateboard kit, it’s “Top Line.” It even comes with an instruction book, which most kids probably needed in order to figure out how to put together those open bearing wheels.

– Thanks to David Maes for the tip. [Source: Ebay]

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2017 Vans Girls’ Combi Classic

Enjoy this Girls’ Combi Classic (aka as Vans Girls Pool Party) footage courtesy of Dan Bourque.

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Incidental Joy

Google Maps captured some kids in San Francisco going skating. That’s a good idea.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip.


Spunk for $44

Ebay watch is dead. Long live Ebay Watch! Issue #5 of Spunk, is something that probably would have made the miscellaneous section. It’s a bit of a shocker to me to see that this went for $44. The postmark on the back cover shows that it was mailed from Delaware in October of 1984. This particular issue was sent to the folks at Transworld, which had been in publication for about a year and a half at the time. The seller took some fuzzy pics of the entire issue of Spunk, so they aren’t really up to the quality that I like to post in the Zine Archives. You can check them out here after the jump. He might have worked at Transworld for a while, as some of his other auctions seem like production artifacts forms the magazine. lots of cartoons in this issue. The rockabilly hairdo is a good one.

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Exposure Contest Video

Here’s a short video compilation of highlights from the 2016 Exposure contest.

Over a hundred girls competed in this year’s Exposure all girl contest. It’s amazing how stylish and confident girl skaters are looking today. Congratulations to all contestants and to contest director and founder Amelia Brodka, for a job well done.

Video by Dan Bourqui. That’s Lizzie Armanto in the vid grab.

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Double Chin

Animal Chin came out 30 years ago, and what better way to celebrate that than to build a replica of the Animal Chin ramp. It grew from an idea to make a spine ramp to recreate the famous 4-way invert shot, but ultimately ended up as a complete reconstruction, minus the tunnel. Unlike the original, this ramp will last longer than a couple days, and has a permanent home at Woodward. If you’re going to recreate the Chin ramp, you might as well throw another party with Johnny Rad.

[Source: Ride]

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