You’re in good company

Skateboards are prohibited, no matter how snazzy they look. Still having a hard time wrapping my head around why it would be important to ban skateboards in a movie theater. Thanks a lot, one guy who rode down the aisle back in 1981, based on the skateboard depicted.

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Midwest Skateboard Terrorists from the 80’s

Here’s an excellent time capsule of skateboard harassment from a local Springfield Illinois news channel concerning a proposed ban on skateboarding downtown. Local business and civic leaders speak out against “skateboard terrorists” in advance of the ban, which ultimately passed. The video was digitized from a decrepit old VHS tape, so there are tracking issues and the sound doesn’t always sync right, but it’s still a good watch. One of the skateboarders makes a reasonable request for a public skatepark to serve the needs of the population, and they did get one after only 25 years.

– Thanks to Nick Rudd for the tip.

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Unreasonable Expectations

Thank you, private property owner, for greatly overestimating my skills, and indeed the skills of most of the skateboarding population, when it came time for you to decide whether or not this ledge needed to be skate-stoppered. That’s very kind of you, I couldn’t possibly. You’re too kind.

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Skate Empathy

A very polite and apologetic “No Skateboarding” sign. It’s as if they feel bad about it. It’s not really skate harassment, but more like skate empathy. “We’re sorry, we wish you could skate here, but you cannot.” In my mind I hear that with a Canadian accent.

– Thanks to John E for the photo


No Skateboarding Day

Don’t even think about it, OK? When you don’t want skateboarders messing up your planters with unsightly grind marks, or disturbing the Feng shui by loitering, this 20 foot long stencil ought to do the trick.


They’ll skatestopper anything

Since you can still ollie onto the transition, I have to assume this skatestopper in Portland near Providence Park was installed to prevent 12″ rail slides, so I’m probably the only one this would dissuade.


The No Skate

Dave England performs a public service in this video by RossAngeles.

– Thanks to Matthijs for the tip

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A Thousand Ways to Say No!

I have a half-assed collection of (photos of) “No Skateboarding” signs that I have been accumulating over the years, but I haven’t doe anything with them yet. I accidentally stumbled on which has a surprisingly wide variety of ways in which you can say no. They also sell signs for skateparks as well, with helmet rules, skate at your own risk, etc… But the adversarial choices are much broader. There’s even a helpful little section on liability. You need more signs.

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BSSS Postmortem

Check out the definitive postmortem on Brooklyn Street Skate Spot over at Curb Cut magazine. And that’s the last you see of BSSS here on Skate and Annoy, until the next time I post something about it.

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