Sleestock this weekend in Forks, WA

In case you forgot like I did.

Spin the Iceman

Portland skateboarders foiled a possibly deadly assault on a woman, knocking out the ice pick wielding assailant with a skateboard and holding him until police arrived. Good job citizens. Were these skaters the PDX equivalent of the Red Angels of Dragnet City? (Noprize anyone?) Nope, they were skating a recently built concrete ramp outside of River City Bicycles, where the owner of the shop had the ramps built specifically “for learning tricks on.” While he doesn’t specify whether it was built for skateboards or bicycles, he credits the “quarter pipe” with saving the woman’s life. OK, we can give him that. There’s room for bikes and skaters to get along in Portland (BIke lane! Bike Lane!) especially if you keep building spots for us… As long as you look up the definition of quarter pipe. Is it just me, or does that look like banks and not tranny?

– Thanks to Shawn F and Sam for the tip. [Source: BikePortland]

Full Bleed Exhibition in Miami

There is going to be a photography exhibit and release party for the new book ‘Full Bleed’ this Saturday, October 2nd, at BAR, formerly PS 14. a book documenting the past 30 years of New York City skateboarding through they eyes of a camera lens of the best photographers in the skateboarding world, including Giovanni Reda, Jessica Bard, Ivory Serra, Tobin Yelland, Miki Vuckovich, Thomas Campbell, Larry Clark, Ed Templeton, Jerry Hsu, Atiba Jefferson, Bryce Knights, Angela Boatwright, Athena Currey, Kenneth Cappello, Charlie Samuels, Andy Kessler, Mike O’Meally, Sammy Glucksman, and Allen Ying. If you want to get the book now, get it the best place for New York City skateboarding, Shut.

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Go Skateboarding Day in Miami

Go Skateboarding Day is here again and if you are one of those people who need an excuse like Go Skateboarding Day to actually skate, you are probably also too lazy to check out the events page on the official Go Skateboarding Day website, so here are the two official events going on in Miami.

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Portland’s Department of Skateboarding closing doors?

I’ve heard from a couple of different sources (some of them reliable even!) that The Department of Skateboarding, or D.O.S., will be shutting down at some point mid-summer. The rumor is that the building was sold, and the bowl is scheduled to be closed down as early as June, with the rest of it to follow possibly in August. This seems at odds with their posted summer camp schedule. Colin has an associate of D.O.S. scheduled to appear on his radio show on June 16th. Maybe we’ll get an answer then. It will be a blow to Portland’s skate scene if D.O.S. does shut down. It’s the only indoor street course of any mentionable square footage accessible to the public in the greater Portland area. No word on what this might mean for the attached Cals Pharmacy skate shop, a long time fixture in Portland.

[Image: SkateAllCities]

juice magazine 67

Juice is loose

New Juice is out. This one features interviews with Dave Tobin, Ben Krahn, Donovan Rice, Exene Cervenka, Brewce Martin, Chris Strople and Slayer among others.

Reader pics

Ryan used to live in Battle Ground Wa, and now he lives in Albany, Oregon. He was lamenting on the lack of coverage of nearby Harrisburg. So here you go.

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Blue Tile Lounge interview

A while back we had a Shot of the Week taken in a living room bowl known as the Blue Tile Lounge. It’s located in Charleston South Carolina, which is my new favorite part o f the country, even though I haven’t been there in about 20 years. I dunno, it seems like something is brewing down there. If you’re not moving to Oregon to skate, consider South Carolina. Steve Aycock, the photographer, put together a short interview with the proprietors, which I’m liberally sprinkling with his photos.

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toxic skate indoor bowl

Toxic Skate bowl

I went to the grand opening of the Toxic Skate shop last weekend to check out the new bowl. It’s really fun, but not without a few flaws. The corners can be unpredictable and the decks are miniscule, but the bowl is fun as hell to ride. The giant wall ride on one half of the long side really makes this bigger than just the sum of it’s parts. The shop is in a small industrial park in Vancouver. lack of traditional neighbors made it easier to get the go ahead to have all ages shows there. It could be a cool little scene. Rich from EPM has some shots from early in the day before it got crowded.

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