Signal Hill Speed Run Screening for Morro Bay Skateboard Museum

The Morro Bay Skateboard Museum is in the middle of their annual fundraising campaign, which includes a screening of the Signal Hill Speed Run documentary at the Palm Theater on Saturday, November 22nd at 7pm. Some of the original racers will be on hand afterwards for audience Q&A. You can buy tickets online or stop by the museum to pick them up. Watch the trailer and learn more about the event/museum after the jump.

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First “Longboard” Park

It’s certainly not the first gratuitous use of the word “longboard” as a qualifier. It really should be titled a “Downhill Skatepark” shouldn’t it? Does a board length under 3 feet preclude you from using this? Wasn’t this style of riding invented on “short boards?” When is someone going to build a Pigboarding park? You know, a skatepark built specifically for people riding Indy 215’s. Complaints about a stupid name aside, it’s cool concept. Don’t blame Landyachtz for naming it a longboard park, blame the city of Kamloops in British Columbia.

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Bahned for life

I thought Bahne relaunched it’s brand for the serious downhill competitor, at least that’s what I remember from a previous decade when when I was an irregular contributor and advertising connoisseur of Concrete Wave magazine. I guess it didn’t pan out because Bahne seems to be engaged in the role of toy store supplier, or at best, close out items for sale at Costco.

– Thanks to Stephen B for the tip.


P-Town Throwdown 2014

It’s an 8.5 mile race, partially downhill. It’s also a food drive. Starts Sunday at 10am. Details at the event page.

10th Anniversary – Mt.Tabor to Sellwood Park Skateboard Race!

This event is a charitable food drive for OREGON FOOD BANK to help the hungry in Portland. Registration and Food collected will be at the lower parking lot on the North side of Mt.Tabor Park. (Next to the bathrooms and basketball courts). Raffle tickets for prizes will be given only to RACERS who have signed the liability waiver.

HELMETS ARE REQUIRED! No helmet = no raffle ticket, no racer number.


This is the original course used for Portland Pusher #4 in 2005, the Annie Ross Open from 2006-2010, and the last three years of the P-Town Throwdown. The route is 8.5 Miles through lower S.E. Portland. First 5 miles is mostly slight downhill with two 6-10 block sections of steeper downhill including 3 traffic light signals to watch for. As a city bike route there are very few stop signs along this course, but please be aware of traffic at all times. The last 3 miles you enter the bike path leading you South along the Willamette River towards Sellwood Park. RAIN OR SHINE!!! – Course Map


Yachts, race cars and skateboards

This year’s entry into the next great skateboard fabrication method comes from N2R Skate, which is a side venture from a company that has been making boat hulls using a sandwiched composite technology from a Swedish company named DIAB. It’s apparently used in private jets, boats, skis, trains, submerged water vehicles, and now skateboards. The main advantage they are pushing is that this would be the last longboard you’d ever need to buy, since it’s virtually indestructible and is 25% lighter than standard longboards. To be sure, they show these boards taking some incredible abuse with the implied assumption that the performance would not be effected as a result. They drive a car over the board, which is not that big of a deal considering I’ve seen an Uncle Wiggley wood/fiberglass composite board survive an encounter like that during the 80’s. However, some of the other puncture tests are pretty impressive. Of course this technology comes with a price tag. Remember, this is for yachts and race cars. During the kickstarter phase they are offering a “strongly discouted price” of 179€ or 242$ for the deck alone. Pictures and videos after the jump.

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There’s a meme for this

Now that this is a thing, I’m quitting my day job so I can finally pursue my dream of starting an entertainment channel and social networking site entirely devoted to accidentally hitting animals while downhill skateboarding. It’s going to be called i-roadkill, or ZuubSplat, or something similar. I expect you all to bankroll it via kickstarter. You owe me.

[Source: Unofficial Networks]

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Mt Tabor Downhill Challenge on Sunday

The 3rd annual Mt Tabor Challenge is this Sunday in Portland, Oregon. Open class requires an “old school” tuck. There’s also classes for Masters, Groms, and bikes (no pedaling). Details on PDX Downhill. If you’re not familiar with Mt. Tabor, it’s a fairly mellow but fun closed route that isn’t very technically challenging, unless you start at the very top and have to dodge pedestrians and cars after threading the needle (gap between gate and pole) to pass through the parking lot at the top third of the course. Even if you start lower, you can still get going fast enough to get hurt though. Full flyer and illustration of the tuck after the jump, plus bonus footage of last year’s event courtesy of KC. Yes, there is a Major Media event happening the same day.

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Salem Slide Jam this weekend

So yeah… a little late to be promo-ing this event, but I just found out about it. (Come on JP, help me, help you!) PDX Downhill is hosting this one in Salem OR, at “55th and Eola.” This is a slide jam, not a competition. These are stills from the teaser for last year’s event. Details on Facebook, video after the jump.

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Switchbacks Challenge

Downhill race in the Portland area on Sunday, part of the Switchback Challenge series from the folks at PDX Downhill. As of the time this posting went live, there is no date or location listed, but it is Sunday, March 17th at SW Madison Street and Court in Portland. Contact Rip City Skates for more info.

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