You still know the drill

A spare cordless drill and a few parts from the hardware store is all you need to make your own electric skateboard. Start with a round wire brush, right angle bit holder, flexible bit extension, and some nuts and bolts. Just ad a skateboard with large size wheels and you’re good to go. I’m curious how long a charge on drill would last. This seems more like a fun project to do with kids than a viable transportation solution. Much nicer than this one.

[Source: BoingBoing] – Thanks to MC for the tip.

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Weird Woods of Maine = Skatopia East?

Seeing this gofundme campaign from Rob Kendall reminded me of the “Weird Woods of Maine” picture I posted a couple years ago. Yes, that does look familiar. Weird Woods of Maine was the cryptic name given for the spot, which is not so cryptic anymore. Rob owns Weird Woods Skateboards. His campaign is to help finance a 5 mile skate track on the same property, which will probably be the world’s largest. 5 miles of connected transitions boggles my mind. You?

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Trout bucket for skatepark.

Good news from the Troutdale Skatepark Alliance. A new skatepark has been approved by vote for the city’s Master Parks Plan. There’s no funding yet, but there is a donation bucket at Cal Skate in Portland.

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Will the Burnside Skatepark Survive the Growth of New Portland?

Burnside is still in the news. The Mercury has a cautious, but upbeat take on the future of Burnside.


Under the Bridge

More coverage of the history of Burnside, this time from local weekly paper the Willamette Week, includes about 13 minutes of video and oral history in Under the Bridge.

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Burnside 1990-1993

Check out this gallery of Burnside photos from 1990-1993. Amazing and rare shots of history being made. Donate to the fundraiser!


Cinder Cone

Foster Hunting (and friends) built a three tree, two level treehouse and a cement bowl to boot. This is the Northwest. The Cinder Cone is located in Skamania, Washington. It’s named after the debris that accumulates in a hill downwind from a volcanic vent. He’s documented the entire process for a book he’s publishing through Kickstarter. He raised almost 80k, well over his initial goal of $30,000. That ought to go a long way towards recouping some of the costs of building. Remember, that’s not all profit, printing costs probably account for the lion’s share of that money. The Kickstarter window is closed, but you can still preorder the book here for $35, which is only $5 more than it was during the early funding Kickstarter phase. The treehouse seems to be the main focus of the book, but the bowl construction does feature as well.

I’ve got my own much smaller treehouse bowl project in my back yard. Right now it’s stalled at the treehouse part. I want to join this cult.

[Source: Curb Cut]

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Simple Skateboard Rack

Check out this design for a simple DIY skateboard rack from Instructables. It’s super clean looking and pretty easy to make, I just wonder how sturdy it would be. I’m imagining my kids cracking it after a month or so. It’s pretty clever though.

– Thanks to Kathleen Conahan for the tip.


What Inspires you?

A short video from Urban Skate Project about what inspires Clayton Graul. Motivational/inspirational videos about DIY are not in short supply, but this one is worth watching if only for the wealth of spots it shows.

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