Skateboard Swap Meet Vitamin Water Wheels

Skaters for Portland Skateparks held what I hope is the first of many Skateboard Swap Meets on Monday. It was free to enter, and setting up a table only cost a very modest $10 with a 10% of sales set as a suggested donation towards the Powell Blvd Skate Spot. The picture above was taken early on in the event, and it did get quite busy. As most other vendors there, I didn’t know what to expect, but I ended up really enjoying it. I hope they make this a monthly or semi-monthly thing. I expect it become popular and quickly outgrow the space we were in at Luck Labrador Brewing. Minors were allowed, either because the event was in a separate room or maybe because it is also a restaurant. I unloaded a bunch of potential landfill from my basement. There was some interesting stuff there including boards from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, stacks of old VHS tapes, art, and shirts. Game Stolz had some of his own Oregon-pressed Chupakabruh Skateboards as well as these Vitamin Water-branded promo skateboard wheels that were from about 5-7 years ago. That stuff belongs right here on Skate and Annoy. Bonus: I finally figured out who Gnarlie Copinghagen is.

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This Just In, Brian Anderson is Still Gay

Huck Magazine recaps a history of homophobia in the skateboarding industry Brian Anderson coming out as gay doesn’t let skateboarding off the hook. The biggest news here is that Brian appears to be dating Rob Reiner.



Hey Troutdale Punk

Check out these fundraising stickers made in the style of vintage steel-wheeled skateboard decks. These stickers benefit the Troutdale skatepark efforts, and you can get yours in person at Cal Skate or by via Paypal to tylerjaycole at gmail.com. Please provide your mailing address and verify which sticker(s) you’re ordering and how many when making payment using Paypal… Small stickers are $2.00 each, Large stickers are $4.00 each. Here’s atop, use the “Friends and Family” option so there’s no service fee for Tyler, and all the funds can go towards the skatepark.


Skaters Against Homophobia

I saw a color version of this floating around Facebook, so I tried to track down the original which it turns out was done by Ben Jensen, and was not a specific response to sad events in Orlando. It’s been out for at least 9 months, and you can get them at Antique Skate as well as No Gods No Masters.


The Young residents of Kansas City, MO

I find the title of Fox 4 of Kansas City, Missouri’s story amusing: “Young residents continue to build skating facility at Columbus Park despite knowing it will eventually be torn down.” Yes, you silly young residents, keep beating your heads against the wall. It’s another sanctioned DIY spot with planned obsolescence in it’s future. Sound familiar? The spot looks good, but what is it called? It seems to be in the middle of nowhere, yet somehow developers have their eye on the location. Get some while you can, you never know how these things will end up. Yes you do, but keep your dreams alive, young residents.

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Cuba Libre

The Guardian has a short video on the challenges of skateboarding in Cuba, which although well done, is just about like every other one we’ve seen on the subject.  Public Radio International has a slightly different take on the situation, focusing on the difficulties facing girls who want to skateboard in Cuba.  According to a the trailer for Patinas Sin Fronteras En Cuba, Cuban skaters don’t want your pity, they just want access to skateboards. You have to imagine it’s about to get better now that relations between the U.S.A. and Cuba are more normal. You can help at Amigo Skate Cuba.

– thanks to Everyone for the tips.

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Will the Burnside Skatepark Survive the Growth of New Portland?

Burnside is still in the news. The Mercury has a cautious, but upbeat take on the future of Burnside.


Love Lost

They mayor of Philadelphia lifted the ban on skateboarding in Love Park for a handful of days in advance of the whole thing being torn down for a complete overhaul. So while the gesture was definitely appreciated by the locals and many people who travelled hours to get a session in, let’s not kid ourselves. If it wasn’t being demolished, the skateboarders wouldn’t have gotten any concessions. Red Bull produced a video, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s only 2 minutes long. This really pushes the old adage that something is better than nothing. Is almost nothing better than nothing?

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Troutdale Needs a Skatepark

Tyler over at Calsk8.com wants greater Portland area skaters to be aware that the City of Troutdale has a significant chunk of funds available from a decade old parks bond measure that could be applied to a skatepark. He’s working with a committee (and Evergreen) to propose a 30,000 sq ft. plot in Columbia Park behind Reynolds High School. The best way to help this become a reality is to attend a Parks Advisory Committee meetings held the second Wednesday every month at the Public Works building in Troutdale (342 SW 4th St.) or to write in to the Mayor and City Council (citycouncil@troutdaleoregon.gov) as well as Tim Seery, the superintendent of the Parks Advisory Committee.

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