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Northeast Bend, Oregon skaters are stoked to get a new skatepark in Rockridge park, but not too stoked on the proposed Evergreen design, described as a “lunar landscape.” Here’s the thing, they just want a regular skatepark, and not a throwback to some terrain not really seen since the 70’s. I remember similar pushback to the modern snake run that was supposed to happen in Gabriel Park. In the end the design changed on the fly during construction and we got the best of neither worlds. However, Gabriel Park is still a fun park with a lot to offer. The Rockridge park design is unique, and would probably be a lot of fun to ride, but it won’t offer the typical skatepark experience. Northwest skatepark building companies have traditionally been on the forefront of unique designs and features, but there will always be those that just prefer predictable reliability. How do we balance the risk? Will locals adapt and enjoy? We won’t know for sure until it gets built. Would I want this if it was the only skatepark in my area? It probably wouldn’t be my first choice. In addition to an existing skatepark this lunar landscape, Bend is also planning a smaller skate spot.

[Source: KTVZ ]

The image below is from KTVZ in Bend, where you can watch the local news coverage of the community reaction, which itself is pretty amazing. Local skaters unhappy about proposed new skatepark? Let’s put it on the news! You gotta love the circa 2003 vert skating image used in the on-screen graphics.



  1. francisco on May 11, 2016 - Reply

    I’ve skated their lunar park in Browning, Montana. It was a lot of fun; lots of cruising, pumping, and carving. The crash factor was very high, and most of the people skating around us were un-helmeted (?) kids. Not a good combo. Still, it was super fun for a few hours, but felt more like a novelty. This Rockridge plan looks like a design step in the right direction to me. What do I know?

  2. Arsenio venkman on May 12, 2016 - Reply

    It’s clearly a thinly veiled bmx mountain bike park. Complete w/ gravel rollout deck

  3. More specifics: Maybe the only time in the history of the world where 2 new skateparks were being built at the same time without a grassroots effort. These parks are a response to simple parks and recreation questionaires sent out to the people who live in the neighborhoods surrounding the park. Turns out old non-skating adults want a place for their kids to skate…

    The good news is that (hopefully) Bend skaters are getting off their arses to keep the building train a-rolling, as parks and rec. has promised us more skateparks, including a regional park at a location tbd… Sounds fishy, but they did just build us a park a couple of years ago…

    Anyways, PUSH (providing urban skate habitats) of Oregon is back from the dead, under new management, and is having their first meeting tomorrow night, Friday the 13th, 7pm, at Goodlife Brewery. Hope to see some fellow SNA readers there.

  4. Bend completed a sizable park by Spohn Ranch barely a year ago. They also have Sisters which is close by and phenomenal, the last section was poured a little over 2 yrs ago. Now the city is putting in 2 more parks in such a smallish town? Bold and awesome move! This should more than make up for the abomination that is the OG Bend park. Everything I’ve ever skated by evergreen has been a blast to ride. They do a great job utilizing space and packing in lines. You can skate their parks regularly for years and still find new lines. Their parks can be challenging for users of all skill levels. If your not having fun and learning stuff it won’t be due to Evergreens design.

  5. Koepke on June 5, 2016 - Reply

    We lost the small park due to numerous complaints. Money cannot be saved and put towards a new park, it will merely be put into the park elsewhere. more trees or some shit. Lame.

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